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November 5th, 2010 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Nov. 5th, 2010

10:37 am - fractal wrongness

fractal wrongness

The state of being wrong at every conceivable scale of resolution. That is, from a distance, a fractally wrong person's worldview is incorrect; and furthermore, if you zoom in on any small part of that person's worldview, that part is just as wrong as the whole worldview.

Debating with a person who is fractally wrong leads to infinite regress, as every refutation you make of that person's opinions will lead to a rejoinder, full of half-truths, leaps of logic, and outright lies, that requires just as much refutation to debunk as the first one. It is as impossible to convince a fractally wrong person of anything as it is to walk around the edge of the Mandelbrot set in finite time.

If you ever get embroiled in a discussion with a fractally wrong person on the Internet--in mailing lists, newsgroups, or website forums--your best bet is to say your piece once and ignore any replies, thus saving yourself time.


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11:03 am - What's good about being a Cajun?

via collegehumor.com

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12:31 pm - Electrical brain zap 'boosts maths ability'

A tiny electric current applied to the back of the head can significantly improve a person’s mathematical skills for up to six months, a study has found.
via independent.co.uk

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12:36 pm - Intricately Crafted 3D Paper Sculptures

via environmentalgraffiti.com

"The very idea that paper can be employed to create fantastic artworks is hardly new, but some exponents of the genre really do shine out as exemplary. Jeff Nishinaka, using very simple tools in the form of tweezers, a mechanical pencil
, toothpicks, art knives, cutting mats, French curves and triangles and a small round wooden dowel to curve the edges of the works, has been perfecting his artistic techniques for nearly three decades, and his wonderful 3-D artworks are a testament to his ability. "

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02:57 pm - HHH Product Spotlight: The OWLE Bubo

via youtube.com

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07:19 pm - The Trampoline Park | House of Air

via houseofairsf.com

House of Air is an indoor trampoline park located in the historic airplane hangar at 926 Mason Street in the Presidio of San Francisco, California. Our athletic and recreational facility is host to open trampoline jump time, aerial and physical training on trampolines, trampoline dodgeball and basketball, and fitness classes. We cater to group events, including birthday parties, corporate events, family events, and fundraisers.

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