November 3rd, 2010


Dead state senator reelected in Long Beach

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Jenny Oropeza, who died after a long illness last month, was reelected to another term in the state Senate on Tuesday. With more than half of the vote counted, voters in Oropeza’s Long Beach district gave her more than 54% percent of the vote. Republican John Stammreich trailed with 40% of the vote.</p>

Yay democracy!


Thiel "Twenty under Twenty" Fellowship Open

"Peter Thiel recently launched the Thiel Fellowship to foster the next generation of tech visionaries. "Our world needs more breakthrough technologies,” said Thiel. "From Facebook to SpaceX to Halcyon Molecular, some of the world's most transformational technologies were created by people who stopped out of school because they had ideas that couldn't wait until graduation.

“This fellowship will encourage the most brilliant and promising young people not to wait on their ideas, either. The Thiel Fellows will change the world and call it a senior thesis.” The Thiel Foundation will award 20 people under 20 years old cash grants of $100,000 to further their innovative scientific and technical ideas. "

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