October 21st, 2010


Obama, isn't he dreamy!

A friend of mine recently attended an Obama rally, and is now gushing about him. It's all I can do to bite my tongue. Obama's charismatic to be sure. But let's remember what he's done, and plans to do.

1. He continues to oppose gay marriage.
2. He wants to imprison pot users.
3. He wants the power to
assassinate U.S. citizens in secret, with no trial or review.
4. He continues to support extraordinary rendition, the sending of prisoners to other countries to be tortured
5. He appealed a court ruling striking down Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

Note that these are all "left" issues, from "left" sources. Sure, Obama's handsome and wellspoken. But he's a political cad--once he's got your money and your votes, don't expect him to be there in the morning.

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