October 1st, 2010


Early Retirement Extreme

I haven't read the book yet, but I'm a big fan of Jacob's blog--I expect the book to be excellent.

"The aim of the book was to present the ERE theories and principles in a coherent and cohesive fashion(*). It took a lot of thinking to do that since my blogging has been less organized in terms of covering the material. As such the book reads more or less like a text book. It will give you the philosophy, the generalized principles, and the examples of how to apply them. It does not contain any step-by-step plan (although such a book is being planned). Instead it gives you the tools to formulate your own plan. The reason for this choice is the realization that everybody’s situation is different. In my experience very few people who read my blog are willing to follow prescriptions to the letter. There are always special exceptions. Consequently, the book has been written in a way to allow readers to formulate their own plans while retaining the extreme financial efficiencies that characterize ERE. "

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