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September 30th, 2010 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Sep. 30th, 2010

10:26 am - Fun Toy Banned Because Of Three Stupid Dead Kids

via theonion.com

Via Joel Grus.

""The tragedy is inconceivable," Wizco president Alvin Cassidy said. "For years, countless children played with the Aqua Assault RoboFighter without incident. But then these three retards come along and somehow find a way to get themselves killed. So now we have to do a full recall and halt production on what was a really awesome toy. What a waste." "

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05:55 pm - WORK

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09:14 pm - Hotel Hanger Heist

A most extraordinary trial is going on in the High Court at the moment in which a man named Chrysler is accused of stealing more than 40,000 coat hangers from hotels round the world. He admits his guilt, but in his defence he claims that – well, perhaps it would be simpler just to bring you a brief extract from the trial. We join the case at the point where Chrysler has just taken the stand.
via independent.co.uk

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