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August 11th, 2010 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Aug. 11th, 2010

01:48 am - Mini Maglite Handlebar Light Hack - BikeHacks

via bikehacks.com

"Using a 5" long section of old inner tube, I lash my modified Mini Maglite to the handlebars of my road bike as a backup-backup headlight."

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01:49 am - Pterosailing - BikeHacks

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"Pterosail (pronounced terra-sail) is a company out of North Liberty, Iowa making these recumbant/sail cycles. The company's mission is "...to give everyone the opportunity to experience the pleasure of using the wind to rediscover the Great Outdoors". The front wheels provide stability for the sail...capable of speeds up to 35mph depending on wind speed. "

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03:23 am - Double amputee body builder

via rosstraining.com

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10:55 am - Triple amputee to graduate from UCLA medical school | KOMO News | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Bre

via komonews.com

"A woman who lost both legs and an arm as a child is poised to become a doctor for children.

Kellie Lim, who became a triple amputee at age 8 because of bacterial meningitis, is to graduate from UCLA's medical school on Friday, and she plans to focus on childhood allergies and infections disease.

The Michigan native, 26, does not use a prosthetic arm and manages to perform most medical procedures - including giving injections and taking blood - with one arm. She walks on a pair of prosthetic legs.

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03:03 pm - PayPal freezes the finances of Burning Man's Temple crew | San Francisco Bay Guardian

via sfbg.com

"PayPal has frozen the account of the Flux Foundation – a large crew of Bay Area artists and burners that is headed to the Black Rock Desert this week to build the most ambitious Temple in Burning Man's 25-year history – claiming the right to profit from the money until the group formally attains its nonprofit status from a backlogged federal government."

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