July 16th, 2010


Release the Penguins!

Come join me at the Relentless dinner! As per Naomi: "...Chicken ran the construction of Ephemerisle last year, and has some pretty awesome stuff in progress for this year, but his huge art-boat extravaganza thing could use some financial infusions, if you know what I mean.

So they're doing a benefit dinner on July 21st, which should be a pretty good time in and of itself. It's the day before Schme-Schmem-erisle starts, so if you're flying in from wherever, here's your chance to get to know the crazies before they really unleash the crazy.

Oh, and the food at Chicken John's functions as ALWAYS AWESOME. The Mission is Foodie Central, and Chez Poulet is becoming ground zero, thanks to the creative gastronomic talents of members of his crew.

And if you can't come to the dinner, go support The Relentless on Kickstarter: http://kck.st/at5Zju (Actually, do both! The way Kickstarter works, they don't receive any money at the deadline if they come up short!)

If you want to know more about the dinner, feel free to email Chicken:

or get updates directly by signing up for his mailing list by going to

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Knot tying workshop at Noisebridge this Sunday

"Ever tried to learn the knots you need from a book? Or even from a

youtube video? It's not so easy. Here's a bowline knot -- probably
the most useful one you should learn for the floating festival:

So I thought you might want to know that Shannon Lee, who held a
knot-tying workshop for Ephemerisle way back in November, is going to
show everybody a few good knots and help people get them really right.

Knots & Splices Workshop
Sunday, July 18th


Noisebridge is at 2169 Mission St., between 17th and 18th streets - a
2-block walk from the 16th St. Mission BART station."

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"I was a middle-aged virgin"

Roger Andrews, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., is 49 years old and has never had a sexual relationship with anyone except himself. In fact, he's had intercourse just once -- in July 2003 with a surrogate partner he engaged to help him, in his words, "get over his terrible handicap and join the world."

To look at Roger you'd never imagine his secret, or the deep shame he has suffered because of it. He's an attractive man: light complexion, thinning blond hair, strong chin. He's a successful computer engineer. He has friendly dealings with co-workers and clients. He's smart, articulate and insightful, especially about the issue that makes him "a freak." He's a jazz drummer, and he showed enough acting talent in college to consider a theater career. He's well traveled, and has scuba-dived all over the Caribbean. But he's always been shy and never learned how to have an intimate relationship. "I never grew up in that way," he says.

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