July 13th, 2010


Oakland fires 80 police officers, lists crimes cops will no longer respond to | Raw Story

The department's chief had said in recent days that unless the city could meet the union's demands, officers would no longer respond in person to reports of a variety of crimes, including vehicle accidents, grand theft, identity theft, burglary, embezzlement, vandalism, registering sex offenders, stray animals and others.

Note that Oakland has 776 officers, each making an average of $188,000. If they each took a pay cut of $20,000, they could save the jobs of every officer whose job was on the line. Of course, it would mean officers would only be making $168,000/year. Could they survive on such a paltry sum?

I would also note that the officers claim they will no longer respond to burglaries, car accidents, and a host of other crimes. What exactly will the remaining 700 officers be doing?

And liberals wonder why the second amendment is necessary. If the cops don't respond, who will?

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