June 7th, 2010


Do not be impatient with your seemingly slow progress.

"Do not be impatient with your seemingly slow progress. Do not try to run faster than you presently can. If you are studying, reflecting and trying, you are making progress whether you are aware of it or not. A traveler walking the road in the darkness of night is still going forward. Someday, some way, everything will break open, like the natural unfolding of a rosebud."

- Vernon Howard

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Reposting for Chicken

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Simply mucking about in boats…



Lately, I’ve noticed a trend in my arguing. Sure… I still maintain that we never landed on the moon and Twizzlers beat the crap out of Red Vines… but that’s not what I mean. I mean to say that I have noticed the way I’ve been arguing. And I’m gonna tell ya, it kinda scares me. I found a device that isn’t a slam dunk to actually win the argument, but instead to avoid it.

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Ephemerisle tickets on sale

Ephemerisle: Evolving Society on Humanity's Next Frontier, July 22-25

Tickets are now available for The Seasteading Institute's (TSI) second annual floating festival of freedom, Ephemerisle.  Join us July 22-25 on the Sacramento River Delta for an event that will bring together visionaries (such as futurist philanthropist and TSI donor Peter Thiel), iconoclasts, artists, and do-ers for a celebration of creative expression and utopian experimentation. Expect music and dance; discussion and debate; cooperation and creation.

It's also the initial step in a grand experiment.

Ephemerisle is the first practical foray into colonizing the oceans.  TSI knows that big visions are best achieved through action, not words, and it is in that spirit that Ephemerisle was created -- an embryonic seasteading city, existing in physical reality, today.  Ephemerisle will evolve incrementally each year until it is a full-fledged independent city on the ocean, generating awareness, community, and invaluable experience for the seasteading movement along the way.

And what an experience it is!  Ephemerisle is a participant-driven event, and our community creates some amazing things.  Last year's Ephemerisle featured a post-apocalyptic lounge boat, a solar powered trimaran, and other heretofore unseen feats of DIY nautical engineering and artistic endeavor.  This year's event is even better: Participant projects include The Relentless - a salvaged antique house boat turned floating experimental art venue; Memocracy - a floating camp devoted to talks, discussions, and ideas that could change the world; and the SeaNote Challenge - an alternative currency experiment designed to ignite the imaginations of artists and entrepreneurs alike.  Many, many more are in the works.

If you want to help create the cradle of civilization for mankind's next frontier - get your ticket now.

To learn more about Ephemerisle and how to get involved, please visit http://www.ephemerisle.org/.

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Space for rent in Mountain View for hardy artist/photographer. $600.00

So, my friend Robin is moving back to the monastery soon. Therefore, her space is available for rent (5-7 days, maybe sooner).

Robin thought the space was great.

Of course, she had previously spent the last 6 month sitting on moldy concrete chanting to herself, so her standards for comfort are rather easily met.

Your space right now has no walls. Basically, it's a big tent with furniture inside a warehouse.

It will be hot in the summer. So hot , that you will want to wet your shirt to keep cool.

There is no A/C.

It will be cold in the winter. So cold, you'll want to wear a sweater on your head to keep warm.

There is a heater, but it's so expensive to run we just leave it off, and put sweaters on our heads.

There is no kitchen sink, no stove, and no washer/dryer.

There is a fridge. And shelf space. Lot's of shelf space.

And a bathroom. With a shower! There are also 17 ft. ceilings, 220 V outlets, and enough room to build a 12 x 12 ft projection screen. Also, neighbors who don't care if you're ripping 2x4's to make a 12 x 12 ft projection screen at 12:30 a.m.

You will be sharing the space with two cool guys, me and Ryan. I'm a mutual fund programmer by day, photographer, artist, and obsessive cool hunter by night. Ryan's a photographer, designer, and skilled draftsmen. He designed the mezzanine we're planning to build soon.

The mezzanine is part of the "Maslow project", our ongoing effort to provide the material comforts the space currently lacks. First, the mezzanine, then two bedrooms (one on top, one on the bottom). Then hot/cold running water to the kitchen. Then washer/dryer. A/C.

The later stages of the Maslow project involve disco floors and gardens growing on the walls and light fixtures. We're right next door to the Hackerdojo, and walking distance from downtown Mountain View, the Caltrain station, and the public library.

The 85/237/101 freeways are all very close. The space is 15 minutes from San Jose Airport, 30 minutes from San Francisco Airport, 45 minutes from San Francisco.

We get free Google wifi, which is fast enough to download Youtube videos/porn. Whatever lifts your luggage. Utilities run about $80/month per person.

Rent is month to month, due on the first of the month (first month will be pro-rated depending on when you move in). I ask for first/last months rent for security deposit, so move-in would be $1800. (If you can't swing the security deposit, talk to me, and we can work something out.)

So, are you an artist/photographer/scientist type? Do you have a hardy constitution? A flush bank account and an irrational desire to put up dry wall? Give me a call. 650 773 6419.


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