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June 3rd, 2010 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Jun. 3rd, 2010

07:13 am - Why Change Is So Hard: Self-Control Is Exhaustible

So picture this: Students come into a lab. It smells amazing—someone has just baked chocolate-chip cookies. On a table in front of them, there are two bowls. One has the fresh-baked cookies. The other has a bunch of radishes. Some of the students are asked to eat some cookies but no radishes. Others are told to eat radishes but no cookies, and while they sit there, nibbling on rabbit food, the researchers leave the room – which is intended to tempt them and is frankly kind of sadistic. But in the study none of the radish-eaters slipped – they showed admirable self-control. And meanwhile, it probably goes without saying that the people gorging on cookies didn’t experience much temptation.

Then, the two groups are asked to do a second, seemingly unrelated task—basically a kind of logic puzzle where they have to trace out a complicated geometric pattern without raising their pencil. Unbeknownst to them, the puzzle can’t be solved. The scientists are curious how long they’ll persist at a difficult task. So the cookie-eaters try again and again, for an average of 19 minutes, before they give up. But the radish-eaters—they only last an average of 8 minutes. What gives?

via fastcompany.com

Via FastCompany

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11:31 am - The Relentless ~ Artstead Boat Project — Kickstarter

via kickstarter.com

"Crew members from the project "Swimming Cities of Serenissima" by the artist Swoon have teamed up with an all star crew of Bay Area artists to rescue a 1945 hand crafted houseboat from the dump. We plan to convert the boat into a mobile artstead in the ad-hoc style of San Francisco's unique D.I.Y. arts community: the birthplace of Burning Man, Maker Faire, Camp Tipsy, and Survival Research Laboratories.

The Seasteading Institute has provided funding to purchase of the boat and the rest is up to us! We will repair the hull, build a stage, and drive The Relentless from her current location in Bethel Island to the Ephemerisle Festival in the Sacramento River Delta. throughout the multi-day gathering the artstead show boat will serve as the festival's main stage.

Post Ephemerisle, The Relentless will continue on to the San Francisco Bay where she will be berthed at the Oakland 5th Avenue Marina for ongoing shenanigans and perpetuity.

The boat has been lifted out of the water so our incredible crew of volunteers can refinish the hull this week! We need to purchase marine grade lumber, epoxy and other costly materials in order to get this old girl back in the water. Once underway we will utilize recycled materials, including a converted Mercedes diesel car engine, to make the vision come to life. "

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11:43 am - The World's Best Photos - Flickr Hive Mind - June 2, 2010

via fiveprime.org

Really cool. Enter in any keywords, separated by commas, and the hive mind will display highly rated photos from flickr with those keywords.


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05:08 pm - Periodic Table of Cupcakes

via foodiefriday.wordpress.com

Via nickscipio. (NSFW)

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05:20 pm - Square blackboard brooch by Zoe Brand

via oyemodern.com

"Available in square or oval speech bubble shapes. Designed and made in Sydney by Zoe Brand."

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05:27 pm - Huge Bus is Really Capsule Hotel on Wheels

via treehugger.com

"TreeHugger has posted many times on capsule hotels, that are so efficient at packing people into small spaces. The German travel company Rotel Tours goes one step further, and puts a capsule hotel on wheels. Tourists sit in the front by day, and move to the rear at night. "

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06:58 pm - The Devil's Nightlight

via hackaday.com

" this is an actual piece of electronics used in the field. Widely used to convert alternating current to direct current for railways and street cars, these could actually be found in the wild. There was a time, that opening a door in a power station would have presented you with this fantastic green and purple glowing orb, dripping mercury sparkling inside."

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07:02 pm - Broken Mirror Lights

via bedzine.com

"Hye-Yeon Kim is the brains behind the stunning and brilliant ‘Broken Mirror Lights’ system. "

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07:15 pm - The Nautilus Pendant Light, Sustainable Design

via urbansherp.com

"The design, although seemingly simple, is very well thought out to minimize waste. Each strip of pine is cut with a laser to reduce waste a and the ’shell’ itself collapsible so it packs flat minimizing packaging and simplifying shipping (and easier to move when you move!). Simply fan it open upon receipt to recreate the spiral. It is only to be used with CFL lightbulbs since the heat emitted from incandescents would pose a fire hazard being so close to the pine shade."

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