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June 1st, 2010 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Jun. 1st, 2010

12:00 am - Waterloo Labs: FPS with Real Guns - Episode 02

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"Here's the second episode from Waterloo Labs. This time we are playing Half-Life (well, the flash version at least), with a real gun. Using accelerometers and LabVIEW, we can triangulate the position of where a bullet hits a piece of drywall and use that location to generate a mouse click in the game, which has been projected onto the wall."

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06:42 am - A few links

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07:17 am - Mad Scientists

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07:20 am - Therapeutic Touch

What sets therapeutic touch apart from most other alternative treatments is its level of acceptance within the medical community. Although it's made no inroads in medical schools or with doctors, it is taught in a surprising number of nursing schools and in continuing education for nurses. This apparent rubber stamp of legitimacy has convinced many that there's something to it. The University of Maryland Medical Center is one hospital that offers therapeutic touch, and on its web site, attempts to explain how they believe it works [They've since removed this web page, so the link goes to an archived version. - BD]. They offer two explanations, erroneously describing them as theories:
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It's too bad that "therapeutic touch" has come to refer to a quack medical practice, as I think actual touch can be quite therapeutic.

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07:23 am - Resource Furniture: Italian-Designed Space Saving Furniture

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