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May 31st, 2010 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

May. 31st, 2010

06:40 pm - Floating Gardens

via livingwallart.com

"This unique form of gardening is based off of kokedma. Kokedma is the art of growing plants from moss balls – Koke (Moss) Dama (Ball) – “the poor man’s bonsai”. Robin from Urban Gardens Web (a great site) got in touch with Fedor who put his unique twist on typical kokedma by hanging the plants from ceilings with string. Fedor will hang the plants at eye level and will continually adjust the string as the plant grows as its center of gravity changes."

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07:13 pm - The World's Smallest Apartment Gets a Tenant

via rentedspaces.com

"Ever think about living in a cramped, windowless room with a wire roof? No, not like a battery cage chicken, more like, a 25-year old Chinese woman named Zhang Qi. Her insanely-tiny apartment is just 21 square-feet!

She's the first to move into what the developer is calling a "capsule apartment" -- and what we're calling a "claustrophobe discrimination" lawsuit waiting to happen...

In fact, Zhang is the remaining hold out. Built in April, architect Huang Rixin couldn't find any takers so he opened it up to migrant workers to test out (pictured). One by one they all left. Zhang, who works at an advertising agency, tried it out and decided to stay.

And yes, Zhang's apartment has a chicken wire-like ceiling for air circulation since there are no windows. The space-deficient tenant says she enjoys living in her capsule apartment in Beijing. Go figure! "

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08:09 pm - Aquaponic Vertical Garden from Inka Biospheric Systems

via livingwallart.com

"Perhaps the most interesting, however, is the completely closed-loop urban food growing system – the Inka Sun Curve. The fish in the tank need oxygenated, clean water. The water from the tank is pumped up through the system and the roots of the plants act as a biofilter to help clean the water. As it drips through the system and back into the tank, it puts more oxygen into the water for the fish.

With aquaponics, the fish poop acts like fertilizer for the plants so the plants naturally get the nutrients they need. While fish naturally produce ammonia which isn’t something plants can use, by putting certain microorganisms into the grow media, the ammonia is turned into nutrients the plants love."


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08:46 pm - Kids Bedroom Design Idea : Sleeping Within a Dino’s Jaw

via freshome.com

"Your kid is a special human being to you and therefore you should ensure that your kids bedroom designs are also that much special. We all adore our kids and love them very much and it is exactly for the same reason that to make them feel special we should always go for the best things; especially their bedroom because it is their own space. Designing a kids bedroom can be an ultimately fun and enjoyable process. The hardest part of the decision making is to choose what type of theme to opt for, with choices such as boating, castles, football, fairytale and history the choices are literally endless. But have you ever tought at a Jurassic Park themed bedroom ? The bottom jaw of the dinosaur is hinged to reveal a built in toy box, and the murals in the bedroom reflect the dinosaur theme."

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08:48 pm - Living Sculptures

via livingwallart.com

"These are fascinating sculptures done by Robert Cannon. He’s got a B.A. with distinction in Architecture, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut. He calls the work Terraform Sculpture and uses concrete and mosses with most of his creations. "

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11:53 pm - Laura sings the "Diva Dance" from the Fifth Element

via youtube.com


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11:53 pm - Brass Lion steampunk recumbent

via zombiehunters.org


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