May 27th, 2010


Look! Desks and Furniture Designed from Plumbing Pipes | Apartment Therapy Boston


A friend of ours told recently us about the furniture that the folks at the graphic design studio, Oat, made for their studio in Somerville. We loved the idea, and when we went to check it out we had a great time visiting and hearing how they made it. Rory, Oat's founder, took plumbing pipes and joined them, making creative desks and a simple coffee table that wouldn't be too hard to customize yourself. More details and photos after the jump


Rory connected inexpensive black pipes from Home Depot in an simply designed desk and coffee table. We loved the thin-diameter pipes he used which made the pieces look elegant, and their well thought-out design. The desktops are reclaimed walnut which add to their rough industrial look. He and Jen, Oat's co-founder and creative director, had the pipes cut to length and then screwed them together themselves. This would be a great look for desk in a home office, or a coffee table customized to a odd-sized space.

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On finding the perfect woman

"One afternoon, Nasruddin and his friend were sitting in a cafe, drinking tea and talking about life and love.  His friend asked: 'How come you never married?'

'Well,' said Nasruddin, 'to tell you the truth, I spend my youth looking for the perfect woman.

In Cairo I met a beautiful and intelligent woman, but she was unkind.

Then in Baghdad, I met a woman who was a wonderful and generous soul, but we had no common interests.

One woman after another would seem just right, but there would always be something missing.

Then one day, I met her; beautiful, intelligent, generous and kind. We had very much in common. In fact, she was perfect!'

'So, what happened?' asked Nasruddin's friend, 'Why didn't you marry her?'

Nasruddin sipped his tea reflectively. 'Well,' he replied, 'it's really the sad story of my life.... It seemed that she was looking for the perfect man...' "

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Story of the couch/bed

"How do you live in a small apartment, and still have the opportunity of having a bed, a nice big couch, and even the possibility of having friends over. I solved the problem with two normal mattresses . I put legs on the mattresses with hooks to keep it all together during the night. We have the bedlinen in a basket next to the couch/bed. The top mattresses are the thin type, and I have made covers for them, so it is easy to make the bed in the evening."

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Buddhism - Religion and Self-control

"Thinking about the oneness of humanity and the unity of nature doesn't seem to be related to self-control," Dr McCullough said. "The self-control effect seems to come from being engaged in religious institutions and behaviours."

Does this mean that non-believers like me should start going to church? Even if you don't believe in a supernatural god, you could try improving your self-control by at least going along with the rituals of organised religion.

But that probably wouldn't work either, Dr McCullough told me, because personality studies have identified a difference between true believers and others who attend services for extrinsic reasons, like wanting to impress people or make social connections. The intrinsically religious people have higher self-control, but the extrinsically religious do not.

So what's a heathen to do in 2009? Dr McCullough's advice is to try replicating some of the religious mechanisms that seem to improve self-control, like private meditation or public involvement with an organisation that has strong ideals.

Religious people, he pointed out, are self-controlled not simply because they fear God's wrath, but because they have absorbed the ideals of their religion into their own system of values, and have thereby given their personal goals an aura of sacredness. Dr McCullough suggested that non-believers try a secular version of that strategy.

"People can have sacred values that aren't religious values," he said. "Self-reliance might be a sacred value to you that's relevant to saving money. Concern for others might be a sacred value that's relevant to taking time to do volunteer work. You can spend time thinking about what values are sacred to you and making New Year resolutions that are consistent with them."

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Gingery's Pipe Bending Machine

Bend pipe and make bedframes, chairs, handrails, and just about anything else your twisted imagination can cook up. This easy-to-build and inexpensive machine will bend up to 1" diameter pipe using hardwood dies. Need something bigger? Scale it up, make the lever arm longer, and buy a gorilla. (Your mother-in-law won't do. She may be just as ugly, but not as strong...)

Vince will show you how to build this very simple machine that allows you to bend pipe from zero to 180 degrees. And with appropriate dies you can bend solid round rod, flat bar, and square tubing as well. The whole thing is built from 1/4" x 2" hot rolled steel strap. Other than a drill press and welder (just a few beads needed) only common handtools are necessary. Get a copy of this inexpensive book and build this inexpensive project. Gee... You could even learn to bend electrical conduit and get rid of those 38 extension cords running all over your shop! Build a rack, and torture your inlaws! The possibilities are endless. Another quality Gingery publication. Get one. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 booklet 48 pages

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