May 23rd, 2010


Laser cut stainless steel art

Mali, meaning “flower” in Thai, is a breathtaking fusion of exquisite grace and ethereal beauty. Caught in the welcoming embrace of tender vines and blossoming flowers, the intricately carved bird seems to almost float effortlessly in the midst of flowing life.

Mali is a free standing design that will make a stunning addition to your landscape. Mali is only available in large and extra large and the stainless steel, copper, and acrylic pieces all include stainless steel reinforcing support backers for the sides and the tops, which allow you to stake the piece directly into the ground.

We recommend a backer for this piece for maximum impact of the design. Stainless steel looks great with a copper backer, or red or green acrylic backers. Without a backer, Mali is best in stainless steel, copper, red acrylic, or green acrylic.

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