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May 2010 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

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08:11 am: Cupcake Canon Shooting People in the Face
03:17 pm: Your Office Chair Is Killing You - BusinessWeek
11:07 am: Color Survey Results « xkcd - 1 comment
02:29 pm: Magritte explained
11:50 am: What's Inside Counts: Sex Toys and Design - 2 comments
11:45 pm: "The first follower is what transforms a lone nut into a leader." --Derek Sivers
09:04 am: Contra Gradualism - 1 comment
09:16 am: Finally, a nanny state regulation I can get behind - 10 comments
11:28 am: I'll help you pack - 22 comments
08:37 pm: Sai does an EL fabric demo | The Steampunk Workshop
04:44 pm: Facebook | Junkstock II | DIY Music Party
05:39 pm: The Humble Indie Bundle (pay what you want for five awesome indie games)
07:14 pm: Frog awakens from winter freeze - 2 comments
09:29 am: Sex Nerd: Do you know when you want it? - 2 comments
04:33 pm: A Drug Raid Goes Viral - 1 comment
04:46 pm: SWAT Cops Shoot Pets With Children Present - 9 comments
10:39 am: Psychedelic drugs aid anxiety treatments in cancer patients
10:46 am: CPSIA: Amendment Needs Your Help
11:09 am: “Profit is to a corporation what oxygen is to a person: necessary for its existence, not the reason - 1 comment
11:37 am: Vertical Gardens, Grown on Walls - 3 comments
11:41 am: Free lodging in China, but only if you speak English - 2 comments
12:00 pm: Share Some Sugar
06:19 pm: Poly tarp tape supplier in the Bay Area?
02:26 pm: Jessica's "Daily Affirmation" - 6 comments
03:28 pm: Facebook Privacy Scanner
01:29 pm: Bought my Ephemerisle ticket today!
10:37 am: Cash for Weight Loss: Website Pays People to Slim Down
10:46 am: Tools Unmask Desires - 1 comment
12:48 pm: Anybot: Remote-controlled robot surrogate could attend your next meeting for you - 1 comment
02:06 pm: "What doesn't kill whales? They can't even sunbathe without dropping dead." --Stephen Colbert
03:44 pm: Meet The Sloths - 1 comment
10:22 am: Illinois: Where Recording On-Duty Cops Is Treated Like Sexual Assault - 5 comments
10:48 am: The Secret's Behind Wikileaks | Julian Assange
10:49 am: The 5 Most Popular Safety Laws (That Don't Work)
11:21 am: Projection on Buildings - 5 comments
07:41 am: Laser Graffiti | Vidafine
12:29 pm: LittleDog Robot
07:20 pm: Cirque du Soleil - Kooza (Wheel of death)
08:54 pm: Laser cut stainless steel art
04:50 pm: Abstruse Goose » Opportunity Cost - 5 comments
06:25 pm: Bender's Anti-Piracy Warning
09:22 am: Facebook | John Rahim Mahdi: Rand Paul, the Civil Rights Act, and Private Discrimination - 4 comments
09:58 am: "Socialism, like the ancient ideas from which it springs, confuses the distinction between governmen
07:07 am: 'Thirst for knowledge' may be opium craving - 3 comments
10:14 am: Equality Is Important—But It Isn't Enough - 20 comments
07:53 am: Friend looking for a room
08:14 am: Unusual and Creative Staircase Designs
12:55 pm: Look! Desks and Furniture Designed from Plumbing Pipes | Apartment Therapy Boston - 1 comment
04:01 pm: On finding the perfect woman
04:10 pm: Story of the couch/bed
05:53 pm: Buddhism - Religion and Self-control
11:17 pm: Gingery's Pipe Bending Machine
07:47 am: VIDEO: Cosplaying Kitana pole dances, scores a flawless victory, Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe PS3 Ne
10:58 am: Simple living support group?
06:40 pm: Floating Gardens - 4 comments
07:13 pm: The World's Smallest Apartment Gets a Tenant
08:09 pm: Aquaponic Vertical Garden from Inka Biospheric Systems
08:46 pm: Kids Bedroom Design Idea : Sleeping Within a Dino’s Jaw - 3 comments
08:48 pm: Living Sculptures
11:53 pm: Laura sings the "Diva Dance" from the Fifth Element
11:53 pm: Brass Lion steampunk recumbent