April 15th, 2010


Housing Crash Continues -- It's Still A Terrible Time To Buy

"House price inflation has been very unfair to new families, especially those with children. It is foolish for them to buy at current high prices, yet government leaders never talk about how lower house prices are good for American families, instead preferring to sacrifice the young and poor to benefit the old and rich, and to make sure bankers have plenty of debt to earn interest on. Every "affordability" program drives prices higher by pushing buyers deeper into debt. Increased debt is not affordability, it's just pushing the reckoning into the future. To really help Americans, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the FHA should be completely eliminated, along with the mortgage-interest deduction. Canada has no mortgage-interest deduction at all, and has a more affordable and stable housing market because of that.

The government pretends to be interested in affordable housing, but now that housing is becoming truly affordable via falling prices, they want to stop it? Their actions speak louder than their words. "

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Tortuga has a unit for sale in Mountain View

Tortuga has a unit for sale! Tortuga is an intentional community in Mountain View. It's a good crew of people, including the founder of the Seasteading Institute, and a number of current and former Paypal, Google, and Yahoo engineers (among others). Their parties are epic. Square footage is about 1000ft, asking price is 347k. 2 bed 1 bath. If interested, let me know, and I can put you in touch with the current owners of the unit.
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Just so y'all know, that unit in Tortuga is still up for sale. I
highly recommend it to anyone who might be interested in living with
friends and owning their own very inexpensive place.

I've been really liking it here a lot. And the atmosphere is very
chill. No pressure to be commune hippies, you just have your own
apartment, and attend a weekly meeting or social, if you feel like it.
Aside from that we just have a few big fun parties/year, and we see a
lot of each other individually, like meeting up to go hang out in the
hot tub. laughingstone and traumentwerfer are the usual suspects for
people who encourage others to come out of their houses and go play :) Owning, as opposed to renting, is really cool, because you can
customize your living space. Every unit in Tortuga is very different,
because we've all done something like putting in nice carpet or
painting the walls fun colors, or in one case, iron_sky tore down and
moved walls around.

In any event, if you're interested, or know anyone who might be
interested, do let us know. It would be nice to have some cool new
neighbors :)

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Pomplamoose: Making A Living On YouTube : NPR

" The group has made no hard copies of its albums; no CDs have been printed. Nevertheless, they make their living on sales, having sold about 100,000 songs last year.

Pomplamoose is one of the first bands to be invited into YouTube's Musicians Wanted program, which is an ad-revenue sharing program. YouTube places ads next to or on a video, and then shares the revenue for that ad, 50-50, with the artist. Income sources like this allow for bands to survive without the help of a major label. "

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