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March 9th, 2010 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Mar. 9th, 2010

09:37 am - Howl's Moving Castle at the Athletic Playground

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I haven't been to the Athletic Playground yet, and I won't be going to this since I have another event planned, but this looks like fun.

Date: Sunday, March 14, 2010
Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Location: www.AthleticPlayGround.com
Street: 4770 San Pablo Ave, Unit E
City/Town: Emeryville, CA

Movie Night & Potluck
Every 2nd Sunday
Join us on the fuzzy blue mats!

We'll project Howl's Moving Castle on the wall. Remember to bring your favorite blankie and/or stuffedtoy.

Be sure not to forget your family and friends too!
All ages are welcome!
OH, and your favorite yummy (healthy?) dish to share!

Sunday, March 14th 7 pm

This is a FREE event and an evening of fabulous fun.

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09:39 am - Spring Open House 2010 at The Crucible

Saturday, April 17, 2010 • 12 to 4PM
FREE Admission

Join us this Saturday afternoon as we roll open our doors to show you what we are all about!

Don't Miss...
* An exhibit of student, faculty and staff art
* A fiery metal pour in our foundry
* Exciting demonstrations of welding, glass working, metal casting, blacksmithing, and fire performance
* Crucible Youth students demonstrating their skills
* A preview of Summer Youth Camps and Adult Workshops
* Tasty food and refreshments
* The opportunity to learn more about how you can explore your creativity at The Crucible

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10:10 am - Stem Cells Heal Dog on Local News. Will Humans Ever Get Their Turn? (video) | Singularity Hub

Chances are your dog has access to stem cell treatments more advanced than your own. A Fox News affiliate in Atlanta has picked up on a local story of a dog, named Behr, who could barely run a year ago, but who is now frolicking like a puppy. The secret to Behr’s success? He underwent stem cell therapy, effectively reversing the conditions of his hip dysplasia. Regular readers will recognize this therapy as one we discussed more than eight months ago. It is growing more common in veterinarian clinics across the US to treat horses and large dogs with joint problems using stem cells, often with miraculous results.
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10:26 am - Truly Open Data - O'Reilly Radar

From talking to government folks and scientists, it's become obvious that serious problems exist in some datasets. Sometimes corners were cut in gathering the data, or there's a poor chain of provenance for the data so it's impossible to figure out what's trustworthy and what's not. Sometimes the dataset is delivered as a tarball, then immediately forks as all the users add their new records to their own copy and don't share the additions. Sometimes the dataset is delivered as a tarball but nobody has provided a way for users to collaborate even if they want to.

So lately I've been asking myself: What if we applied the best thinking and practices from open source to open data? What if we ran an open data project like an open source project? What would this look like?

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01:00 pm - Panic Blog » The Panic Status Board

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"This is good. But a lot of things happening mean a high chance that I, the man who lives and breathes Panic and has a giant status board in my head, might not properly explain everything to everyone. Steve and I realized it was high time we made this Cabel Status Board public… using technology!

So, with partial inspiration, Neven, Steve and I built the Panic Status Board. Take a secret, sneek peek:"

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