February 23rd, 2010


ex-Buddhist monk-in-training seeks right livelihood

My friend Robin recently moved here from Oregon. She was studying to become a Buddhist monk at the Great Vow monastery in Clatskanie, but decided that monastery life wasn't for her. So she's now looking for work. Her background is in mental health (she has a Master's in Counseling, and has worked for several mental health service providers in Oregon). She would also like to work in human resources, since she believes that her skills at evaluating and counseling her clients would translate well to evaluating and counseling employees. Here's her LinkedIn profile:


1. If you are an HR person, have worked in HR, or are married to someone in HR can she pick your brain about it?
2. If you know of a job that you think might be suitable, would you pass it along?
3. She's also open to short-term/temporary work such as admin assistant, pet care, etcs.

Robin is smart, conscientious, hardworking, and ethical. I highly recommend her.

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