February 19th, 2010


The Raw Feed: MIT Teddy Bear Robot 'Enhances Relationships'

"A robotic teddy bear developed at MIT combines robot interactivity with a kind of weird telepresence. The bear, called the "Huggable," has 1,500 skin sensors, actuators for movement, microphones in its ears, cameras in its eyes and a speaker in its mouth. Inside is a PC connected to the Internet over Wi-Fi. It can operated in fully autonomous mode, where it interacts without human intervention. More interestingly, it has a semi-autonomous mode, where it serves also as a conduit for interaction with someone over the Internet."

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Barbot 2010

Went to Barbot 2010 last night at the DNA Lounge. My favorite was the "Corpse Reviver" which was barely a bot, more like a steampunk alchohol dispenser:

It was made by Benjamin Cowden for Roboexotica.

The robot that flung whiskey sours down the length of a bar table was also pretty cool. Hung out with Jean Rintoul, Paul Bohm, and co. and discussed drywall. Met Jamie Zawinskie (jwz) on LJ for the first time. He sang the praises of SXSW in Austin. Apparently, they have over 3000 bands in a single week. And that's just the "official" bands on the schedule. Now I'm going to have to go. (Yeah, I know, I'm a late adopter when it comes to music.)

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