February 8th, 2010


Seoul launching ‘Floating Island’

"The Seoul Metropolitan Government’s ambitious plan to revitalize recreation areas and the ecology by establishing the “Floating Island,” three large-scale, man-made floating islets on the Han River near Banpo Bridge in the heart of Seoul, will be launched tomorrow after a year of construction, according to the city government.

With a combined investment of 96.4 billion won ($83.9 million) from the city government and a consortium of construction companies, the second island, named Viva and measuring 3,271 square meters (35,209 square feet), will be set up over two days beginning today and buoy on the river tomorrow. Currently, construction of the whole project is 58 percent finished. The other two islands, Vista (4,737 square meters) and Tera (1,200 square meters), will debut on the river later and the three islands that make up the Floating Island will be unveiled to the public in August, government officials said."

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