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February 1st, 2010 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Feb. 1st, 2010

09:35 am - Treating Agony With Ecstasy | Drugs & Addiction | DISCOVER Magazine

In a pilot study, South Carolina psychiatrist Michael Mithoefer is targeting PTSD with a controversial drug: methylenedioxymethamphetamine, or MDMA, commonly known as Ecstasy. He gave MDMA, along with psychotherapy, to 21 participants who had developed treatment-resistant PTSD as a result of experiences with crime or war. Only 15 percent of the MDMA-treated subjects continued to experience PTSD afterward, as opposed to 85 percent of the subjects who received psychotherapy with a placebo. Mithoefer considers the findings especially notable given that 20 of the 21 participants had previously failed to obtain relief from FDA-approved treatments. “The next step is to find out if this can be replicated elsewhere,” he says. The study, sponsored by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, was the first FDA-approved trial evaluating MDMA’s therapeutic applications. Additional clinical tests examining MDMA-based treatments for PTSD are under way in Switzerland and Israel.
via discovermagazine.com

Via Alexis Bright.

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10:57 am - Feed Me Bubbe

via boston.com

I love this story.

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11:42 am - » The Psychology of Passive Barriers: Why Your Friends Don’t Save Money, Eat Healthier, or Clean The

Passive barriers are subtle factors that prevent you from changing your behavior. Unlike “active” barriers, passive barriers describe the lack of something, making them more challenging to identify. But once you do, you can immediately take action to change your behavior.

You can apply barriers to prevent yourself from spending money, cook and eat healthier, exercise more, stay in touch with your friends and family, and virtually any other behavior. You can do this with small changes or big ones. The important factor is to take action today.

via getrichslowly.org

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03:04 pm - Against The Wall

"How much grander and pleasurable life if women stayed beautiful for 100 years instead of a precious 15 years? How much love would my heart shout at the world if the pool of beautiful women was every woman, everywhere, forevermore, and not just a small sliver of women with power so fleeting it may as well be a curse than a blessing? Imagine this world, and tell me then how you keep the demons of hate from lashing impudently and futilely against the natural order of things. I say fuck the natural order. Bring on the life and beauty extending tamperings of human ingenuity. Get off your knees, you limp-noodled gaiaists and blithely stoic servants of religion, you philosophical naifs and self-deluded sophists. Turn the tables and bring your evolutionary inheritance to its knees, if you dare."

Via Roissy in DC

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03:32 pm - 'We Just Keep Walking Through the Fire'

via voiceofsandiego.org

My friend Danielle's school, Innovations Academy, is in the news. Danielle is one of my favorite people--tough, smart, hardworking, and kind. If I were a parent in the San Diego area, they would be going to her school.

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07:21 pm - Anyone work for a resort, spa, or cruise ship?

My friend Jessica is a superb hooper (check out her videos):


She's looking for some performance/teaching gigs at resort, spa, or cruise ship. Anyone have connections to such work?

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08:48 pm - "I don't know what you're talking about, but it sounds illegal. "

Went to Gayle and Rebecca's post-Egypt party. Lot's of pictures of camels and tales of sticking one's hands into ancient orifices. Ate om-ali for the first time. It's sort of like rice pudding, which I like. Also had lamb kabobs. I'm not normally a fan of lamb, but man, they tasted delicious. Also, let me just say that I hope the galabeya catches on in the West. Thanks to Gayle and Becca and Will and Addision (?) for hosting us. On Saturday, Robin and I saw "Fantastic Mr. Fox" at the Bluelight Cinema in Cupertino. I could take or leave Wes Anderson's previous films, but I really liked this movie. "You're supposed to be *my* lab partner. I am! No you're not. You're disloyal."

Sunday, I drove to Zanker Road waste facility aka "dump" to drop off some old carpet and a stinky sofa. On my way there, I passed a huge mega-church that was just letting out. There were so many people that they had police officers out directing traffic.

I was supposed to take a Russian class at noon at the dojo, but the teacher flaked. So we hung out looking up handy phrases on a Russian dating site. Many of the phrases may be correct Russian, but they're terrible game:

When I met you for the first time I understood: it's forever.
I can't live without you.
There's no borders for my love.

After picking up a sofa donated to the Dojo, I stopped at Costco in South San Francisco. Madness! The place was packed. I was also accosted at the end of the checkout to upgrade to the Executive membership. I declined, irritated that they would hold up the line to upsell me. Finally, I went on a date to Plato's in Palo Alto. It's a make your own salad place. Pretty decent salad, but the staff were the friendliest or communicative bunch. Afterwards, we went to Border's and read "Be Here Now" by Ram Dass. LSD: it's a terrible drug.

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