January 28th, 2010


The Art of The Flirt: How to Let 'em Know You're Interested With Ease and Confidence

Wish you could make breaking the ice and meeting people more fun? Looking for ways to overcome shyness? Want to uncover your bold, exuberant ability to connect deeply and playfully with anyone you choose? If so, this is the class for you!

Flirting is about more than delivering cheesy one-liners or batting your eyes, hoping someone notices you. In fact, most of us have more natural ability to flirt than we realize. By making your intentions known in a playful, welcoming way, you can make new friends, pick up a hot date, and generally have more fun in life.

This highly entertaining, interactive workshop features loads of easy-to-apply tools and perspectives for making an approach, overcoming awkward moments, and connecting genuinely through the art of the flirt. You'll learn how to:

Make your move with style and class
Determine if the feeling is mutual (and what to do next)
Survive imminent awkwardness (and turn it to your advantage)
Know when to keep going... and when to dial it back
Transition from friendly conversation to something more
And much more!

Whether you're a guy or a girl, gay or straight, old or young, or none of the above, this class is sure to give you some new ways to break the ice and make your move with ease and confidence.

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