January 23rd, 2010


Mischief managed!

What a great day! Got a free haircut at a salon founded by my neighbor Ulises. He already has a large salon in Puerto Vallarta and recently moved to the U.S. to be with his partner. To help build his clientele, he offered free haircuts to the members of the Hacker Dojo. So I took him up on his offer. He does good work! If you live in Mountain View, I recommend him. Then I met my friends Shenly, Carmela, Dave G., Debra, Rebecca, Max and Dave at the Stanford Bookstore. After a brief delay to wait for Rebecca (who had accidentally locked her keys in her house), we walked the Dish loop above the Stanford campus. The sun was shining, the grass a luscious green, and the sky was so clear, you could see all the way to San Francisco. Along the way, we talked about frontal/temporal lobe dementia, the benefits of government, and the neurobiology of ethical decisionmaking. Afterwards, Dave G., Debra, Rebecca, Max and I went to The Counter in Palo Alto. Their specialty is custom burgers. I had a 1/3rd burger with lettuce, tomato, sharp provolone, and grilled onions on a honey wheat bun, with a side of onion rings and sweet potato fries. Rebecca and I split a strawberry shake. Delicious!

After a brief stop at my place to say hi to Robin, I went to Dave G. and Debra's place to hang out. We chatted for a while, then watched Team Fortress 2 trailers and the first two episodes of True Blood. I really enjoyed True Blood--I'm looking forward to the rest of the series. We also indulged their cats in their respective addictions (Finnegan: catnip, Roughie: rubber bands).

Good friends, good food, sun, exercise, theater--I couldn't ask for much more. Thanks y'all!

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