January 15th, 2010


Marginal Revolution: How to help Haiti

...contact the White House and tell them that you support granting Haitians Temporary Protected Status (TPS) immediately.

TPS is a form of temporary humanitarian immigration relief given to nationals of countries that have suffered severe disasters, natural or man-made. (For example, El Salvador got TPS was after the country was hit by a terrible earthquake in 2001, Honduras after Hurricane Mitch in 1999, and Burundi, Liberia, Sudan, and Somalia were designated because of ongoing armed conflicts.)

Once a country has been given TPS, its nationals who are in the United States can apply for work authorization (a very useful thing to have if, say, one needs to send money home to family members in need of medical care or a house that has not been reduced to rubble), can't be deported or put into immigration detention (also quite handy if you're trying to work and send money home), and can apply for travel authorization, which allows them to visit their home country and return to the US, even if they wouldn't otherwise have a visa that would allow them back into the country (incredibly important if you have loved ones who have been badly hurt and need to visit them, or if you need to go home to attend funerals).

Designating Haiti for TPS status would provide an immediate, tremendously valuable benefit to Haitian immigrants in the United States. But, more importantly it would benefit their loved ones who remain in Haiti and are in desperate need of their assistance.

Via Michael Katsevman.

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Hacker Fair tomorrow!

Those of you looking for work should check it out here:


At the Hacker Fair, the job seekers are the ones giving demonstrations, and the recruiters are the ones walking around.

Think of it as a "science fair" where the "science projects" are the developers' personal and side projects, the "judges" are recruiters, and the "prizes" are interviews and hopefully job offers! Breakfast provided by Microsoft, please register so they can plan for food!

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