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January 14th, 2010 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Jan. 14th, 2010

10:51 am - Journey of an Absolute Rookie: Paintings and Sketches - ConceptArt.org Forums

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"I have been inspired by the art produced and the work ethic of Jon Foster, Andrew Jones, Jason Manley, and my brother "Smeagol71" (among many others) and have decided to learn how to paint (primarily digitally). I am starting from rock bottom and I am going to paint at least one painting and do at least one sketch every day...probably two on the weekends. The order you see them in is the order that I am painting and/or sketching them...every day starting on 9/15/02. I am bearing my soul to everyone. I will post everything I do...whether it is awful or not. Most of the paintings and sketches, in the beginning, are going to look like crap but hopefully over the days/weeks/months/years they will start to get better. I have no formal art training but have signed up for classes this semester. I have a passion to paint and welcome any encouragement or critique that you want to give."

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01:13 pm - "If humanity really wanted to help Haiti to recover..."

"If humanity really wanted to help Haiti to recover, we would offer unlimited open global immigration with work permits to all Haitians." --Alex Lightman

07:23 pm - How much time is enough?

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09:23 pm - Seasteading Institute looking for new offices

The Seasteading Institute is looking for some new offices. Here's what they're looking for: Requirements:
750-1500 ft2. (60 - 120 ft2 per person, assuming 12 people)
Basic utilities: power, bandwidth, bathrooms.
No further north than Redwood City, no further south than Sunnyvale

Strong Desires:
Good landlord (trustworthy, maintains the space well, etc.)
Nearby restaurants and/or coffee shops
Climate control

Shared tech facilities (printers / scanners / copiers / fax machines / receptionist / meeting rooms, that sort of thing)
Storage space
Good freeway access
Close to CalTrain
Cheap, easy parking
Plentiful natural light
Waterside office space
Under 12 month leases

Know any good locations? Let me know, and I'll pass them on to James! Chris

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09:23 pm - FML

Today, I came home to find a sock I previously used to whack off on my bed with googly eyes and a mouth drawn on it with a note that read "Because you can't find a real girl, I made your current one prettier, Love Mom." FML


Today, I saw a video of me last night, hammered, climbing my wardrobe screaming "I WANT TO GO TO NARNIA" naked. FML


Today, I was playing around with my sister's kitten. As a joke, I put him underneath the sheets and farted. He attacked my nuts. FML


Today, my dog started to hump my leg. He always does this and I heard that humping in the dog world meant dominance. Well, I decided to instill my dominance and I dry humped him back. As I was doing this I said "How do you like that!" and then my mom walked in. FML

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09:59 pm - White Rose, Paradiso 31 (Plate 34), Dante and Beatrice and the Heavenly Host of Angels

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By Gustave Dore.

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