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January 5th, 2010 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Jan. 5th, 2010

01:02 pm - Magic Flute Fine Art Nudes: Conversation with an American Cop (NSFW)

SH: “What do you mean, ‘shock and awe’?”

Bob: “I’ll call for reinforcements. An additional one, two, three or even four squad cars will all descend on the guy, and as many or more cops will surround him all telling him to identify himself and tell us why he’s taking the photos. If we intimidate him, he may tell. If he becomes angry and objects violently, we can arrest him for disorderly conduct and get his ID that way. If he stays cool and does not give us grounds to arrest him, then there’s little to do, but we’ve made our point. Do you think he’ll photograph a high-value target again?

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01:14 pm - Solutions to Mexico's Drug Crisis - WSJ.com

Growing numbers of Mexican and U.S. officials say—at least privately—that the biggest step in hurting the business operations of Mexican cartels would be simply to legalize their main product: marijuana. Long the world's most popular illegal drug, marijuana accounts for more than half the revenues of Mexican cartels.

"Economically, there is no argument or solution other than legalization, at least of marijuana," said the top Mexican official matter-of-factly. The official said such a move would likely shift marijuana production entirely to places like California, where the drug can be grown more efficiently and closer to consumers. "Mexico's objective should be to make the U.S. self-sufficient in marijuana," he added with a grin.

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