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January 4th, 2010 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Jan. 4th, 2010

01:19 am - New Year's Day Shenanigans

On New Year's Day I drove up to Pinnacle National Forest in a 40 ft long retired Green Tortoise bus with 33 carnies and circus folk. We left Chicken John's warehouse in the Mission at 2:30 a.m., got to camp around 7:00 a.m. or so. Made breakfast. I learned how to make hashbrowns and onions for 30+ people from a professional chef. (Bacon grease is key). Then we hiked up to the Pinnacle Caves/Reservoir. Very beautiful, especially the caves. Would like to return and hike the ridge someday. Thanks Chicken John and Co.!

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01:36 am - Avatar: "I never thought I could be so aroused by someone with atail"

Saw it with Jason and Corinna at the Metreon. Astonishingly beautiful. Filmmakers haven't crossed the uncanny valley yet, they're very close. It was very easy to accept the Na'vi as real creatures, rather than CGI characters. The human technology also felt plausible. For example, the transport ship looked like two geodesic beach balls connected together, with a long rotating arm to provide gravity. The plot? Cliched and PC; as other reviews have suggested, it's Dances with Wolves in Space. However, despite the plot deficiencies, I was engrossed throughout, and would recommend it to others. ****gripes with mild spoilers****

It would've been a nice flip of expectations if corporate guy had turned out to be the hero. As it was, he and the military commander were 2-D baddies. Also, why were radio communications in the valley disrupted, but not the avatar/human connection? What about latency? And it seems likely that any technology sufficiently advanced to create the avatars could have also easily fixed Sully's spine. And it seems vanishingly unlikely that the DNA of the Na'vi and the humans could be combined in the first place (also why didn't the human DNA mess up Sully's ability to plug into the other forest creatures)?

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03:39 pm - Better than well

Anyone know of a health center that in addition to correcting disease, helps healthy people become even happier and healthier. What I have in mind is a place that combines all of the skills required for a healthy, happy life under a single roof. Skills such as:

financial advisor
nutrition advisor/menu planner
fitness trainer
mental health counselor
marriage and family counseler
aesthetician/fashion designer
interior decorator
legal advisor
business counselor

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