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January 2nd, 2010 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Jan. 2nd, 2010

11:38 am - Depression may help prevent you from getting beat up or killed

"...rank theory proposes that depression is an adaptive response to losing rank and conceiving of oneself as a loser. The adaptive function of the depression, according to rank theory, is to facilitate losing and to promote accommodation to the fact that one has lost. In other words, the depressive state evolved to promote the acceptance of the subordinate role and the loss of resources which can only be secured by holding higher rank in the dominance hierarchy. The function of this depressive adaptation is to prevent the loser in a status conflict from suffering further injury and to preserve the stability and competitive efficiency of the group by maintaining social homeostasis.
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12:05 pm - Baltic Seasteading

Aug 10th, 2009
by admin.
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We are a group of people working towards seasteading the Baltic Sea, that is, establishing an autonomous community on the ocean.

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01:14 pm - The Futurist: The Misandry Bubble

It is true that women, on average, earn less per year than men do.  It is also true that 22-year-olds earn less, on average, than 40-year-olds.  Why is the latter not an example of age discrimination, while the former is seized upon as an example of gender discrimination? 

If women truly did earn less for doing exactly the same job as a man, any non-sexist CEO could thrash his competition by hiring only women, thus saving 25% on employee salaries relative to his competitors.  Are we to believe that every major CEO and Board of Directors is so sexist as to sacrifice billions of dollars of profit?  When the 'Director of Corporate Social Responsibility' of a nun congregation wrote to TJ Rodgers, CEO of Cypress Semiconductor, that his company should have more women in its Board of Directors, Rodgers replied with a letter explaining why the pursuit of profit could not accommodate such political correctness.

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01:37 pm - Print Lessons in Love: The Millionaire Hunters

“Our exercise program can dramatically improve a woman's sexual performance," says Olga Nikitina, 40, the founder of the School for VUM-Building in central Moscow. "She can transform herself from a slow Russian car like a Lada into a Ferrari." To disguise the fact that the equipment really does look like it belongs in a car-mechanic's workshop — it's all pressure gauges and rubber hoses — the school's two rooms are painted pink and blue; stuffed animals model phallic devices.

"Once a woman reaches optimal fitness, she can shoot a fountain of water up out of her vagina in the bath," boasts Nikitina, a ponytailed blonde in a leopard-print top. The core device is a small silicone balloon that is inserted in the vagina and inflated with a pneumatic pump. "You squeeze against the balloon and measure the pressure on the attached gauges," says Nikitina. Fine-tuning can be achieved by learning to shoot out pebbles onto a metal target.

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02:52 pm - Why Women Hate Men - The Blog

Brandon nevertheless ignites the weak flicker of his philosophical heat lamp in a failed effort to melt the rigid clitoricicles of his potential female conquests. As women flee like gazelle from a low-flying helicopter, Brandon chastises the fairer sex for their lack of enthusiasm in bed, suggests women doll themselves up like porn stars, and concludes by unequivocally demanding a blowjob in order to qualify for a date. I'm not necessarily saying Brandon's lecture cools a woman's sex drive, but after my girlfriend read his personal ad, a polar bear stuck his head out of her vagina and ordered a mug of hot chocolate.
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06:58 pm - THREADED INSERTS, KEY INSERTS, Key Inserts Heavy Duty :: Carr Lane Manufacturing Co.

General-purpose threaded inserts with a thick, heavy-duty thread wall, suitable for most applications. Key Inserts are ideal for thread reinforcement, especially when the mating stud or bolt will be removed frequently. They provide strong, permanent steel threads in almost any parent material, ferrous, non-ferrous, or non-metallic. Key Inserts are also well suited for quick repair of stripped, damaged, or worn threads. Locking keys positively prevent the insert from rotating.
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08:09 pm - LOFTwall BLOG: OBEY the wall

Our back office mini-shrine to the work of Shepard Fairey. I met Shep at RISD in the early '90's and participated in his "Andre the Giant Has a Posse" sticker/manifesto campaign. More recently he was asked to create the Obama Hope imagery for the 2008 Presidental Campaign of Barack Obama. Visit OBEYGIANT to follow his blog or purchase some of his work.The OBEYwall was created using the free downloadable sticker file from his site.We printed the sticker on large format printer and mounted it to our DIY self-adhesive board.

OBEY the wall.

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08:10 pm - Modern Room Divider, Natural Coil Room Divider, from Chiasso

via chiasso.com

Divide small spaces or section off large ones with this modern room divider. Made with tidy, vertical strips of handsome bamboo, this eco-friendly floor screen coils and uncoils to create a wave shape that stands on its own. It’s easy to adjust to fit your space. Rolls up completely for storage. It's manufacutured from sustainable materials, so it's friendly on the Earth too. Available in two finishes.

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08:15 pm - nodium » Blog Archive » Windfire Cursor Kite

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08:42 pm - DT@ICFF: Link Studio on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Based in San Francisco, Link Studio has another take on the custom-manufactured kid's furniture concept. This play table and bench can be ordered in any dimension to fit your kid--or to anticipate his growth rate. The bench can be a chair, the tabletop can be etched with any design or vector graphic you like--there are flowers on this one, but there's one with a train track back in the studio. The set clocks in around $700, which is also not far off for this custom manufacture thing. 
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08:44 pm - Hans J. Wegner Peters Chair and Table

via bonluxat.com

"When in 1944 Wegners good friend and colleague, Børge Mogensen, fathered a son, it was difficult for Wegner to find an adequate christening gift because of the war. So he decided to make one himself, and what was more appropriate than a small piece of furniture for the new-borne.

He went to work immediately and sketched small-scale chairs, tables and benches. Some models were assembled with glue, others could be taken apart. He finally decided for a chair consisting of 4 flat parts that could be assembled to a chair without the use of tools. In this way little Peter not only got a chair but at the same time a toy he cold assemble himself and take apart again.
Børge Mogensen was so enthusiastic about the chair that he helped Wegner to have not only the chair but also a small table put into production."

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08:45 pm - Eric Pfeiffer Look-Me Kids Chairs

via bonluxat.com

A perfect companion to the Chalkboard Table. This chair is a playful expression in molded ply with a back that doubles as a handle for easy transport. This chair is lightweight and extremely durable, allowing for years of abuse by little people.

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09:22 pm - How long to teach a Chinese young adult conversational English?

Assuming you were starting with a young (18-24) year old Chinese speaker of average intelligence awho spoke little or no English, how long do you think it would take to teach him/her conversational English? By conversational, I mean capable of reading a newspaper article in say, the New York Times, and carrying on an intelligent conversation with a native English speaker about the topic of the article.

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10:14 pm - Stumptacos Home-made Camp Kitchen - Page 3 - Expedition Portal Forum

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