December 4th, 2008


Opinions of MGI MARCK-15 modular AR-15?

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MGI MARCK-15 Modular Weapons System (pdf) manufactured by MGI military? The base gun currently costs $2000.

I’m interested in the gun from a emergency preparedness perspective. With the appropriate mag wells and barrels, the gun can currently accept the following magazines:

5.56 x 45 AR-15
7.62×39 AK-47
9 mm Colt style or the traditionally modified Uzi style
.45 M3 Grease Gun magazines

Note that these are unmodified standard magazines. Mag wells that accept .22LR, .308 Winchester, and many other calibers are also under development.

The upper receiver uses standard barrels and is compatible with all mil-spec lowers. Likewise the lower is compatible with all mil-spec uppers. The magwell and barrel (assuming you have the MGI Quick Barrel Change (QBC) upper) can be changed out in a few minutes without tools.

From a preparedness standpoint, the gun has the following advantages:

* reduced parts count. In addition to requiring fewer spare parts, the guns can be cannibalized to provide parts for each other.
* reduced training complexity. Aside from barrel and mag well, the gun is the same for all calibers.
* reduced cost of training. When the .22LR magwell is released, one could train with the gun very inexpensively.
* increased adaptability. In a SHTF situation, magazines and ammo are likely to scarce and catch as catch can. Therefore, a gun which can adapt to the available ammo would be useful.
* aside from the lower receiver and magwell, the gun uses standard AR-15 parts, which allows it to be used with the wide variety of AR-15 accessories that are available.
* Easy breakdown and cleaning. With the QBC upper, the gun can be broken down in minutes without tools.

Possible disadvantages:

* reduced accuracy.
* reduced repeatability
* reduced reliability

All of the above stem from the fact that a tool that is capable of multiple tasks is not optimized to be great at any of them.


1. Has anyone here shot the gun? If so, what are your impressions of the gun’s accuracy and repeatability?
2. If I were to buy the lower receiver alone, does that count as buying the gun for legal purposes? I ask because my intent is to buy the lower receivers now (in anticipation of a likely gun ban), and finish them out later.
3. As I live in CA, I plan to install a bullet button. Anyone else done this? What brand would you recommend?
4. Anyone have recommendations for a FFL holder in the Bay Area to ship the receivers to?


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