September 30th, 2008


Seasteading ‘08 - last week to RSVP

This week is the last chance to RSVP for our upcoming conference and related events.

First annual conference - Friday, October 10th
Post-Conference Kayaking! ! - Saturday, October 11th
Post-Conference Dinner on Floating Island Restaurant! ! - Saturday, October 11th

According to Patri:

“…Chris Baker from Wired Magazine will be attending the conference for a story. (For a sample of Chris’ past work, see The surprising narrative richness of GTA IV).

Brian Doherty of Reason will be attending the conference, and hopefully writing a story on us also. As the author of Radicals For Capitalism and This Is Burning Man, Brian definitely has the cultural milieu for seasteading!…”

You are welcome to come to kayaking or the Forbes Island dinner whether or not you attend the conference. Also, you can RSVP now, and pay at the conference.

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