September 22nd, 2008


Motorcycle Safety Foundation course

I graduated from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course today!

Aside from riding 100 ft on my friend Ace’s 50 cc motorbike in the 7th grade, I had never been on a motorcycle before yesterday. It was a lot of fun, if a bit frustrating. All of the other motorcycle riders had been riding for at least a few months, either on the streets or on dirt bikes, so they were shifting with ease, while I jerked and sputtered like a wheezy spastic. But I passed, and will soon get my motorcycle certification in the mail. The instructors were competent, and I’m glad I too the course. I would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of riding.

I’m not sure if I’ll ride on the streets, as the accident statistics scare me, but I definitely want to do some off road riding at some point.

One of the other riders was a fireman/paramedic with 8 years of experience. He said that he had seen a lot of motorcycle accidents. But that in all of the accidents he could recall, the motorcycle rider had been drinking or otherwise inebriated while riding.

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