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September 19th, 2008 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Sep. 19th, 2008

09:34 am

“Don’t look now, but I think our government just socialized everything EXCEPT medicine!”
–Jennifer Bishop via flutterby

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12:52 pm - Conference hut: how to get the word out?

As some of you know, I’ve volunteered to organize the first Seasteading Institute conference. Right now, we’re trying to get the word out as much as possible to groups that might be interested.

Patri has been interviewed for a couple of radio shows:

BBC Culture Shock
The Business Shrink (autoplays)

We’re planning to flyer Bay Area campuses (the conference is free to students).

We’ve also posted press releases to a number of mailing lists and blogs.

Who else would you recommend we contact?
If you’ve organized a conference before, what did you do to get the word out?
What would make you want to attend?


Original: craschworks - comments

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