July 23rd, 2008


Institute of Mosaic Art

The Institute of Mosaic Art has lots of cool classes. Here’s one I would’ve loved to take:

Concrete Institute
Instructor: Sherri Warner Hunter
Sessions: 5
Times: Saturday - Wednesday: 9a.m. - 4p.m.
Level: Beginning/Intermediate
Cost: $650
Institute of Mosaic art is proud to host Sherri Warner Hunter for this week long intensive. Hunter is the author of “Making Concrete Garden Ornaments” and “Creative Concrete Ornaments for the Garden.” This is a rare opportunity to learn from a concrete master.

Make your dreams concrete! This intensive course will cover a variety of concrete forming techniques including armature building, carving, modeling, and polymer fortified concrete systems. Participants will create three projects; a foam and polymer fortified concrete sculpture, a faux rock and a carved hypertufa planter. Each project utilizes a different concrete recipe and forming techniques. A variety of surface treatments will be demponstrated and discussed with plenty of opportunity for experimentation Bring sketches of concrete projects you’d like to realize for discussion. No previous experience with concrete is necessary.

Visual presentations, demonstrations and handouts will provide inspiration and information to take with you to utilize in your own studio.

* Sketch or notebook
* Apron or wear work clothes
* Ruler, yardstick, carpenter’s square
* Sharpie Markers
* Scissors
* Angle cutters, lineman pliers, and needle nose pliers*
* Straight cut aviator shears*
(* These are good basic tools for participants to have for future sculpture and metal working projects. Instructor will bring some tools for student use if participants don’t have their own.)
* Small pointing trowel
* Steel trowel (flat rectangle)
* Plastic spray bottle
* Yellow (cleaning type) latex gloves
* Leather work gloves

(These items will be available for sale on site at Mosaic Studio Supply.)

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