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March 21st, 2008 - Open Knowledge

Mar. 21st, 2008

01:58 am - Immigration official coerces young immigrant for sex

An Agent, a Green Card, and a Demand for Sex

“I want sex,” he said on the recording. “One or two times. That’s all. You get your green card. You won’t have to see me anymore.”

She reluctantly agreed to a future meeting. But when she tried to leave his car, he demanded oral sex “now,” to “know that you’re serious.” And despite her protests, she said, he got his way.

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02:11 am - Is xenophobia an evolved response to disease/parasites?

Evolved Disease-Avoidance Mechanisms and Contemporary Xenophobic Attitudes

Ethnic outgroups are often blamed for outbreaks of epidemic diseases, and these outbreaks can inspire violently xenophobic reactions to outsiders (Goldhagen, 1996; Markel, 1999; Oldstone, 1998). Foreigners are also associated with semantic concepts that connote disease. This association is evident in xenophobic propaganda, in which ethnic outgroups are likened to non-human vectors of disease, such as rats, flies, and lice (Suedfeld & Schaller, 2002). The associative link between foreign peoples and disease shows up consistently in the social science literature on immigration.

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12:43 pm - “Ooh, Girl” — An honest R&B song

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