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February 6th, 2008 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Feb. 6th, 2008

01:40 am - Things My Boyfriend Says

Those of you who like johnquotes, would probably like this:

For example:

e: I’d get a bunny if they weren’t so stupid.
me: They’re brilliant!
e: They chew extenstion cords!
me: So do you!
e: Yeah, but for me it’s a religious obligation.
me: What religion is that?
e: I’m not allowed to tell outsiders.
me: How do you know I’m not a member?
e: Obviously, you’d be chewing extension cords.

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12:26 pm - A Taxonomy of Female Athletes


Via stumptuous comes this wonderful photo essay of female athletes. Anybody know where I could get a poster of this?

Ironmaven scanned the images by Howard Schatz from Sports Illustrated (October 14, 2002). Some of the women were later featured in his book Athlete.

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04:48 pm - On the efficacy of OSHA regulations


Via Marginal Revolution.

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05:16 pm - How one woman lost Jesus

Via Dooce

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