January 20th, 2008


The Joy of Exercise

Crossfit on Tuesday. Self-defense on Wednesday. Crossfit again on Friday. Self-defense on Saturday. And a vigorous hike this morning. Whew. My body is feeling pleasantly sore.

Met up with radiantsun, mhat, octal, frogpyjamas, and nasu_dengaku for dinner at Fresca’s last night. We had tapas! Delicious. The wait staff timed the delivery of the dishes perfectly–not too early, because there wasn’t enough room, but not so late that the food became cold. Recommended.

This morning radiantsun, mhat, ijeremy, arcanepackrat and I hiked the North Ridge Trail in the Purisima Open Space Preserve. It’s beautiful — lot’s of trees, forest glens. And hills. A more vigorous hike than I expected, based on the trail guide. Had an interesting conversation with Jeremy about what it takes to be an actor in the Bay Area. Becoming a SAG member’s expensive! $2100.00 membership dues. But there’s more work for actors (or at least, SAG members) than I thought.

Afterwards we had lunch at Oceanic Chinese Restaurant, where kime7673 joined us as well. I liked the decor, and it was quiet, which allowed us all to converse and hear each other at the same time. The mushrooms and sugarsnap peas were tasty, as was the salt and pepper squid. The Mongolian beef was a bit tough, and the sauce a little heavy for my tastes.

And of course, good conversation throughout.

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