November 8th, 2007


L.A. trip

I’m planning to drive down Saturday morning, and drive back on Sunday evening. I’ll have some free time Saturday and Sunday afternoon, so if you’d like to meet for lunch/brunch let me know!

On Saturday evening, I’ll be attending madbard’s The Alleged Adventures of Blenderman, a finalist in the ACTober Fest 10 minute play contest.

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She’s just not that into you…


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In my experience, a woman knows whether she’s into you within the first few minutes of meeting. (And sometimes, even before she’s met you in person.) In all of my successful attempts to start a relationship, my girlfriends have been enthusiastic about me from the very first date. (Even if they were in relationships at the time we first met.)

Of course, initial failure doesn’t stop guys from trying. Few women are direct enough to explicitly reject a guy, so they indicate lack of interest in subtle and not so subtle ways. Unfortunately, some guys are too oblivious or stubborn to take the hint.


Since failed wooing attempts are painful for the guy, and annoying for the girl, here’s a list of ways to know that she’s just not that into you…

1. At parties, she looks past you to other guys at the party.

2. She answers questions in monosyllables.

3. She doesn’t remember your name.

4. She returns phone calls erratically, if at all.

5. You have a blog, and she doesn’t read it.

6. She doesn’t acknowledge gifts or cards.

7. She doesn’t smile enthusiastically when she sees you.

8. She doesn’t ask you about your life.

9. She never has time to meet you for lunch or dinner.

10. She doesn’t respect your time — she’s often late, or stands you up altogether.

11. If you propose a date, and she has a schedule conflict, she doesn’t suggest another date.

12. On the first date, she unexpectedly brings another guy friend along with her.

13. She doesn’t laugh at your jokes, and she doesn’t crack her own jokes with you. (Assuming you’ve seen that she has a sense of humor in other contexts.)

14. She has no patience when you make mistake (e.g. if you take a wrong turn while driving to the restaurant). She acts irritated when she’s around you.

15. She cancels a dinner date one hour before you’re supposed to meet, because some another guy invited her to go to the theater.

16. She doesn’t lean in close while you’re talking.

17. She doesn’t try to touch you, and/or flinches when you touch her.

18. She talks about wanting to be your “friend”.

19. She talks about her other boyfriend(s) with no prompting from you.

20. She will agree to do things with you, but only if another of her friends comes along.

21. She doesn’t try to sit by you, and moves away if you sit by her.

22. She ends conversations with you quickly, and makes no attempt to draw you out.

So there you go. If a potential love interest exhibits any of the behaviors above, she’s telling you, “No, I’m not interested in you.” Your best bet is to stop wasting time with her, and spend time trying to find someone who is enthusiastic about you.

I imagine most of the same behaviors hold true for guys as well.

Has anyone else had success at changing the mind of someone who was initially not interested in you? You see it in movies a lot, but I’ve never seen it happen in real life.

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