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November 5th, 2007 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Nov. 5th, 2007

12:59 am - Round steak and grilled asparagus


The steak is about about 10 oz of Safeway brand “Rancher’s Reserve Beef Round Top Round Steak”. Since this was an inexpensive cut, I assumed that it would be tough (which turned out to be correct), and tried the salt tenderizing trick suggested by daemonwolf. Here’s my version of the technique:

1. Cover both sides of the steak with a generous layer of salt. Leave the meat in contact with the salt for about 1/2 hour (at room temp).

2. Wash the salt off, and pat it dry with paper towels.

3. Dust both sides with McCormick’s Grillmate Montreal Steak seasoning. Pan fry in extra virgin olive oil over medium heat.

As for the asparagus:

1. Heat a large saute pan over medium heat. Add extra virgin olive oil. When oil is hot, add chopped green onions, garlic powder. Turn heat to low and fry until fragrant.
2. Add asparagus, cover with a tight-fitting lid.
3. Cook on low for 10-12 minutes.

Though tasty, the steak was still tough, and quite salty. Next time, I’ll try grilling it to “medium well” over higher heat, and do a better job of rinsing the salt off. I’m not sure it matters, but I also used iodized salt. Next time, I’ll try sea sealt.

The asparagus turned out well. Next time, I’ll try adding a less oil, and use fresh pressed garlic instead of the powder.

The meal took a long time to make — probably 3 hours total, including shopping. However, this is the first time I’ve cooked this particular dish, in a new kitchen. I took some time to clean my shelf in the fridge, and discussed cooking and cleaning protocol with Sara and Dave (whose kitchen and utensils I used). With practice, I expect the prep time to be substantially less.

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01:39 am - Crissy Field

Met up with frogpyjamas at Crissy Field this morning. I left twice the amount of time I thought it would take to get there, and I was still 1/2 hour late. I ended up wandering around the Presidio trying to get to Mason St. As a result, I missed meeting Dan at the Crissy Field Center. Sorry Dan! Fortunately frogpyjamas was very gracious about my tardiness.

Once I met up with frogpyjamas I had a great time. The Crissy Field park is lovely with great views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the bay:


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10:44 am - November 5th: $1.7 million collected!


Today's the day! If you're a Ron Paul supporter, please consider joining the 18,000 Ron Paul supporters who have signed up to donate $100.00 to the Ron Paul campaign. If you want to track our progress, check out Ron Paul Cash, for up to the minute charts and graphs. We've raised $1.7 million already!

To learn more about Paul, in his own words, check out the Ron Paul library. Or watch his appearance on The Tonight Show, which covers a lot of the high points:


12:50 pm - Let’s beat Mitt!

So far in 2008, the biggest single fundraising day for a Republican candidate belongs to Mitt Romney. On January 8th, he raised just over $3.1 million. If we can beat that number, we’ll get a lot of free publicity, which will magnify the effect of the donations manifold. So far, we’ve raised a little over $2 million. Let’s do it!

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04:58 pm - Ron Paul broke $6 million!

Ron Paul just broke $6 million, halfway to the $12 million target for the quarter. The November 5th drive has raised $2.84 million so far today.

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The mainstream media is starting to take notice:

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