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October 20th, 2007 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Oct. 20th, 2007

11:52 am - Paris Hilton plans to be cryopreserved

[Can anybody confirm or deny this rumor? The source isn’t exactly credible.]


18th October 2007
By Charli Morgan in London, and Iain Burchell, US Editor, in Los Angeles

WACKY Paris Hilton wants to live for ever by having scientists freeze her body
when she dies.

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12:03 pm - Cupcakes for porno

If you never want to be asked to make something for a church bake sale again, make these.

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12:34 pm - Remember, remember the 5th of November (Ron Paul)


Please join us this November 5th for the largest one day political donation event in history. Our goal is to bring together 100,000 people to donate $100 each, creating a one day donation total of $10,000,000.

Please subscribe now. Please spread the word. Thank you.

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02:12 pm - Dumbledore is gay.

According to Entertainment Weekly:

Responding to a question from a child about Dumbledore’s love life, Rowling hesitated and then revealed, “I always saw Dumbledore as gay.” Filling in a few more details, she said, “Dumbledore fell in love with Grindelwald…. Don’t forget, falling in love can blind us. [He] was very drawn to this brilliant person. This was Dumbledore’s tragedy.” She added that in a recent meeting about the sixth movie, she spied a line in the script where Dumbledore waxed poetic about a girl, so she was forced to scribble director David Yates a note to correct the situation.

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