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October 3rd, 2007 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Oct. 3rd, 2007

02:51 pm - Ron Paul raises $5.08 million in 3rd quarter

Ron Paul raised $5.08 million in the 3rd quarter. That’s roughly equivalent to the amount that John McCain raised, and Paul has more cash on hand.

Here are Paul’s numbers quarter by quarter:

Q1: $639,889
Q2: $2.40 million
Q3: $5.08 million

So, congrats to everyone who made it happen! He’s getting a lot of free press as a result.

Note that the Republican establishment is paying attention. They’re moving up the registration deadlines for the upcoming primaries, and closing the primaries to non-Republicans. Since Paul draws much of his support from people outside of traditional Republican circles, this will disproportionately hurt his campaign.

If you want to vote for Ron Paul, you must register Republican now! If you live in New Hampshire or New York you must register Republican by Oct 12!

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02:53 pm - Republican establishment closing off the primaries to Paul supporters


If you want to vote for Ron Paul, you must register Republican now! If you live in New Hampshire or New York you must register Republican by Oct 12!

Many states, in an effort to shut out Ron Paul are now closing their primaries.
That means that only Republicans can vote in the Presidential primaries for a
Republican candidate. Many states are doing this quickly and quietly and giving
people very little time to learn about the new rules. For example, New Hampshire
decided only a week ago that you will now have to change your party affiliation
by October 12, 2007 or it will be too late to do so. New Hampshire also has a
closed primary and only Republicans and possibly Independents will be allowed to
vote for Ron Paul.

In New York, you must be registered as a Republican or you cannot vote for Ron
Paul and again, you must make this decision by October 12, 2007 or it will be
too late. In New York, however, Independents cannot vote for Ron Paul. Same with
New Jersey and many states around the nation. I hesitate to give you a link to a
site that has correct information about voting in all 50 states because I have
yet to find one that does not have an error and besides, this information is
changing daily, as Ron Paul gains momentum. The people in power are doing their
best to shut out the multitude of voices that want to vote for Ron Paul. If you
are a Ron Paul supporter, or even thinking about becoming a Ron Paul supporter,
please become a registered Republican immediately so that no matter what your
state does to change the rules out from under you, you will still be allowed to
vote for this great man.

All of these arbitrary deadlines are designed to keep a candidate such as Ron
Paul from gaining momentum and making a last minute push. Effectively, Ron Paul
has until October 12, 2007 to get as many Democrats, and others to switch sides
in key states like New York and New Hampshire, or they will not be able to vote
for Ron Paul in the primaries. That means that the people in power have
shortened the Ron Paul campaign to less than two weeks with the stroke of a pen!
The Ron Paul campaign now has less than two weeks to teach people about his
candidacy and his policies. As of this moment, in New Hampshire you may be
registered as an Independent and still vote for Ron Paul. Not so in New York. In
New York you must be a registered Republican by October 12, to vote for Ron Paul
(Independents cannot vote in the primaries at all). However, for those of you in
New Hampshire reading this, I wouldn’t trust that come election day the rules
won’t have been changed on you again. To be safe, make sure your voter
registration card says Republican.

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