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September 17th, 2007 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Sep. 17th, 2007

01:57 am - Pajamas Media thinks “first tier” candidate supporters are crippled children

I’m royally pissed.

Here’s a letter I would send, but I’m waiting until tomorrow so I’ve calmed down.

Dear Mr. Reynolds,

Do you think that the supporters of the first-tier candidates are crippled children? How else can your recent decision to exclude the so-called “second tier” candidates be explained? After all, how much effort does it take to vote in the Pajamas Media poll? Maybe 30 seconds and few button clicks once a week. Heck, even crippled children could’ve managed it. The supporters of so-called “first-tier” candidates could’ve easily overwhelmed Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich, if they had bothered to vote. Yet they didn’t.

But, fortunately for the “first tier” candidates, you changed the rules to exclude Paul and Kucinich altogether. Now Giuliani et al don’t have to suffer the indignity of being routinely trounced by the so-called “second tier” candidates. Although, you have to wonder: how “first tier” can they be, if they can’t even beat Paul and Kucinich?

Also, have you considered that Ron Paul draws his supporters disproportionately from the technology community? And that they might make up the employees and management staff of the technology companies who buy ad-space from Pajamas Media? And that they might be royally pissed that you excluded their favorite candidates to ensure that the so-called “first-tier” candidates would win?

It’s your poll to do with what you please, but by excluding Paul, Kucinich, and the other so-called “second-tier” candidates, I think you’ve done a disservice to a large percentage of your readership and advertising base. Therefore, I would encourage you to reverse your decision, and let your readers express their preferences themselves, rather than make that decision for them.


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01:57 am - King of Kong

For over 20 years, Billy Mitchell held the highest score for the game Donkey Kong in the world.

Until Steve Wiebe.

King of Kong tells the story of Wiebe’s attempts to top Mitchell’s score. If you liked Spellbound or Wordplay, or depictions of people with very unusual brain chemistry, you will probably like this movie. (Saw it with tdj in Berkeley tonight.) Also had mushroom/potato pizza at Jupiter’s. Tasty.

Rant: I wish there were more public toilets in Berkeley. It was quite time consuming to find a restaurant with a public bathroom. Say what you will about the chains like MacDonald’s, but I’ve never been refused use of their bathrooms.

Earlier, I had lunch with P. M. and his wife X.at the Fish Market in San Jose. We sat in the atrium overlooking the water. Great view and I’ve never had crispier fries. P.’s an interesting guy. He completed most of the requirements for a PhD in mathematics, before going to work for Nasa on the Apollo missions. He then became an investment manager, specializing in short-selling stocks. Now he’s quasi-retired, and considering retiring to China with his wife (who is Chinese). He said that they were considering China because a) inexpensive to live there b) they have a culture that treats the elderly with respect c) their status would be much greater (due to their knowledge of English, and their relative wealth) d) he has business contacts.

And prior to that, I took a class in oxy-acetylene welding at the TechShop. I cut a steel rod in half, and welded two plates together. Great fun. Working with acetylene is a little freaky — turn the knobs incorrectly and the tank could blow up. I suspect that welding is one of those things that is great fun if you don’t _have_ to do it for a living.

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04:12 pm - GEEK: How to setup a VNC connection with Vine (OSXvnc) and Chicken of the VNC

Want to be able to control a remote Mac OS X server remotely? This tutorial will show you how to set up a VNC connection from a client outside a firewall wall to a server inside the firewall.

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04:49 pm - Damp cats

Fulfill all your wet pussy desires at damp cats.

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