July 4th, 2007


Ron Paul rally draws 1000 supporters, outdraws all other candidates combined

A letter I recently wrote:

Hi Thomas,

I recently read your article “Six GOP Candidates Meet in Iowa Forum”
regarding the recent GOP debates sponsored by Iowans for Tax Relief and
the Iowa Christian Alliance. (1)

Thanks for your coverage of the debates! Unfortunately, I didn’t see
anything in your article about the deliberate exclusion of Congressman
Ron Paul(2). Paul was excluded despite his superb track record
supporting tax relief (he’s never voted for a tax increase) and his
pro-life stance. Paul is also unique among the Republican candidates in
that he voted against the Patriot Act and against the War on Iraq.

In addition, in response to his exclusion, Paul held a competing
campaign rally the same day. Paul’s rally drew a crowd at least as
large as all of the other candidates combined (3).

It would seem that such a strong showing of support for a candidate
whose views are so sharply at odds with the other candidates would merit
some coverage. Why did you decide not to mention Ron Paul’s rally?
What would it take to get you to cover Ron Paul in the future?



(If you don’t believe the count cited in the article, check out this
video of the crowd yourself:

These reporters all received a variant of the above letter:

Thomas Beaumont (tbeaumont@dmreg.com)
Mike Glover (mglover@ap.org)
Mark Barabak (mark.barabak@latimes.com)
M.E. Sprengelmeyer (sprengelmeyerm@shns.com)

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