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May 21st, 2007 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

May. 21st, 2007

02:19 am - Zeppy, first pedal powered airship to cross English Channel

Via Brass Goggles. See their website and additional footage (wmv).


03:19 am - links for 2007-05-21

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03:21 pm - Apple - the lesser evil, but still evil

I like Macs. The OS allows me to switch seamlessly between open source and proprietary software, both Windows and Mac. Since it’s based on FreeBSD Unix, it’s both more stable and secure than Windows. Apple puts a lot of QA time and money into making sure everything works consistently. And I like Apple’s design aesthetics.

Unfortunately, however, Apple often still behaves in ways just as evil as Microsoft:

Parallels and VMWare, the respective makers of Parallels Desktop and VMWare Fusion virtualisation solutions for the Mac have both admitted that they will not support Mac OS X virtualisation in their software.

The reason isn’t technical though, as the two companies probably know how to make this work without the need of Apple.

The problem is that neither Parallels or VMWare want to strain their relationship with Apple by adding this feature without the Mac-maker’s consent and, by the way, violating or encouraging to violate its current user license agreement as well as Apple’s copyright regarding the protection system the company has developed so as to prevent Mac OS X from booting on anything that is not a Mac.

Virtualizing Mac OS X would allow PC users to run this system in a window or on full screen mode, which is probably one thing Apple doesn’t like.

However, it would also be an interesting feature for the enterprise and professionals markets, as virtualisation is used as a flexibility enhancer for easily creating or simulating secure system environments. This technology has been clearly embraced by the Enterprise market during the past two years and is now widely used for production purposes.

Original: craschworks - comments

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