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May 19th, 2007 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

May. 19th, 2007

03:19 am - links for 2007-05-19

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04:46 am - Airship attacked and burned by Mexican villagers


Since that first airship 30 year ago, Walden has refined and built several full-scale models. He currently favors the more aerodynamic `flying saucer shape’. He also founded his own company - LTAS ( Lighter than Air Solar Corporation of Nevada)- and patented a system to make airships more stable at different altitudes.

His most ambitious project was a full size saucer that he created with friend and partner Mario Sanchez Roldan. With over five million dollars from a Mexican potato chip company that was keenly interested in the airship as an advertising tool, they created a huge airship called the MLA-32-B. It was a staggering 32 metres in diameter and four storeys high.

It was destroyed in a freak accident seven years ago, explained Walden. Engine problems forced an emergency landing in a remote Mexican village. When local villagers saw the gigantic flying saucer glide to its silent landing they feared they were aliens onboard and attacked the ship with knives, guns and sticks.

“They completely destroyed it. You have to think of a 105 foot [32 metres] flying saucer, not making any noise, landing in your village and a guy twice your size gets out in a silver flight suit and jacket.well you can image what they thought,” he said.

Note: I’ve not found much else about this craft online, so take this story with a grain of salt.

Original: craschworks - comments

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10:53 am - The Best of Tina Fey

Via Newmark's Door

11:35 pm - Debate strategies: The Guiliani

11:41 pm - The Neverwas Haul

I got to see this today at the Maker’s Faire:

11:54 pm - Summer Glau in “The Sarah Conner Chronicles”

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