May 9th, 2007


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GEEK: How to change a forgotten admin password on Mac OS X Intel

Via here:

You can boot into single user mode (by holding cmd-S at startup), and
then boot enough of the system to perform a password reset by executing:

sh /etc/rc

This is actually noted on the screen when you boot into single user
mode. You can then use


to reset her password. You can issue the command


when done. This will NOT change her keychain password, and her
keychain will have to be recreated.

(For those who might wonder if this is a security risk, as we all
know, once you have physical access, all bets are off - but you can
use an Apple utility called Open Firmware Password, also on the Mac
OS X Install Disc, to set a firmware password that disallows booting
from CD/DVD media, external drives, into single user mode, and so on.
Of course, this password can be removed by changing the physical
amount of RAM in the machine and zapping the PRAM three times. Then,
you can lock the case. But the lock can be cut.

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Maker Faire comes to San Mateo

The maker’s paradise this year will be Maker Faire 2007, a two-day
family-friendly event celebrating engineering, arts, science, and
crafts. On May 19-20, 2007, thousands of crafters and makers will
converge at the San Mateo Fairgrounds in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Featuring hundreds of makers, tons of workshops, and more
cool inventions than you can imagine, this event is sure to leave you
buzzing with inspiration for months to come. Advanced tickets sales end
at midnight PST on Thursday, May 10th.

Get your tickets today!


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