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January 12th, 2007 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Jan. 12th, 2007

02:16 am - Scariest Accident Ever

Scariest accident ever

Via flutterby.

The photos alone give me vertigo.


03:22 am - Billy Jack Is Ready to Fight the Good Fight Again


June 20, 2005
Billy Jack Is Ready to Fight the Good Fight Again

SANTA ROSA VALLEY, Calif. - It has been more than 30 years, but Billy Jack is still plenty ticked off.

Back then, it was bigotry against Native Americans, trouble with the nuclear power industry and big bad government that made this screen hero explode in karate-fueled rage. At the time, the unlikely combination of rugged-loner heroics - all in defense of society's downtrodden and forgotten - and rough-edged filmmaking sparked a pop culture and box-office phenomenon.

Now the man who created and personified Billy Jack, Tom Laughlin - the writer, director, producer and actor - is determined to take on the establishment again, and his concerns are not so terribly different. Mr. Laughlin (and therefore Billy Jack) is angry about the war in Iraq and about the influence of big business in politics. And he still has a thing for the nuclear power industry.

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05:28 am - Condos for sail


Condos for sail
If you love the sea, these homes might float your boat
- David Armstrong, Chronicle Staff Writer
Tuesday, July 4, 2006

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Condos for sale on cruise ships. Great views. Changing seaside sites all around the world. From $500,000 to $8 million. Motivated sellers. May be coming to Bay Area soon.

It may be a stretch to call it a real estate tsunami -- a gently rising tide, maybe -- but putting plush condominiums on seaworthy cruise ships is drawing interest from developers, investors, entrepreneurs and gilt-edged hotel companies eager to plumb a new market.

Pitched by their champions as exotic and novel alternatives to traditional condos for landlubbers, privately owned waterborne condos exist on just one major ship -- the World, operated by a management company in Miami called ResidenSea Ltd. -- but at least three other companies are lining up to launch shipboard condos.
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05:50 am - Residential Cruise Ships

Existing cruise ships or under construction:

The Four Seasons

06:06 am - Seasteading bibliography


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06:09 am - The Orphalese, World's Largest Ocean-Based Residence


OCTOBER 12, 2005 - 08:59 ET

The Orphalese, World's Largest Ocean-Based Residence, to Offer the Ultimate in Luxury Living, Cultural Experiences and Adventure Travel

LOS ANGELES--(CCNMatthews - Oct 12, 2005) -

Orphalese Global Strategies Inc. has announced the plans of its parent company to build The Orphalese, the world's largest ultra-luxe residential ocean liner. The first vessel of her type and twice the size of any other ship in her class, The Orphalese is the first cruise ship designed with 200 private permanent residences, as well as 265 suites for cruise passengers. The ship has been designed by Aker Finnyards, one of the world's leading designers and builders of cruise vessels, based in Helsinki, Finland. The Orphalese will be completed in 2008.

Orphalese Global Strategies Chairman Donald V. Allen began his quest, born from a personal dream, to create an ocean-based lifestyle for the affluent market with an itinerary inspired by events, not destinations, thereby offering unique experiences to those travelers seeking something much more out of the ordinary.

Allen sharpened his vision to further shape the idea of an event-driven cruise line with permanent residences. It's the promise of an endless journey for owners and guests and one that will be tailored to meet the needs of affluent travelers looking for variety, service and one-of-a-kind experiences.

Allen said, "It was our vision to create a unique lifestyle for our residents. We believe an event-driven vacation is the height of adventure. The Orphalese team is making a promise to our residents that they will be exclusive to this type of lifestyle and a journey that is one that has no endings, only beginnings. The Orphalese team offers a wealth of talent and genius to bring to reality a vision that started from a dream, now fueled by imagination."

The Orphalese will take passengers to the most high-profile events in the world, such as the Cannes Film Festival, Olympics, Chinese New Year in Shanghai and the Running of the Bulls, and will ensure that each passenger will be extended the best service on and off the ship. Each itinerary will be carefully selected and planned in order to bring residents and guests to the best events in the world.

Working with the world's top interior designers to create 200 stunning two- to four-bedroom residences, The Orphalese will feature fully equipped and furnished residences ranging from $1.8 million to $10 million, with a small monthly assessment that gives owners access to all tourist cruise facilities, including food, all utilities and urgent medical care. In addition, 265 guest suites will accommodate those who do not own a permanent residence. Residents and guests also will be able to enjoy an 80,000-square-foot mall deck, spa, casino and other amenities.

The Orphalese was named after the mythical city in Kahlil Gibran's masterpiece "The Prophet," where the seer delivered his philosophy and message of love to the citizens of Orphalese with a singing heart after he spent 12 years awaiting the arrival of his ship to return him to his home.

About The Orphalese

Capturing the imagination of the public as a unique ocean-based lifestyle experience, The Orphalese will be the most exciting place to be. The Orphalese is the first cruise ship to offer 200 permanent residences, ranging in size from 1,000 square feet to 4,000 square feet, as well as 265 suites for cruise passengers. Leveraging the combined resources of the world's best business, real estate and design talent, The Orphalese will be equipped with the finest amenities available anywhere in the world. Spending an average of 200 days in various ports around the world, the new ship will give owners and guests the opportunity to visit the globe's most exclusive events and explore the cultural and historic offerings of each country. A sales office managed by Avalar of The Seas will debut in Las Vegas in December 2005; reservations and sales will commence in October 2005. Slated to debut in the fall of 2008, The Orphalese is managed by Orphalese Global Strategies. For more details, log onto www.theorphalese.com or call 800.455.4328 for sales.

06:22 am - David V. Allen, Orphalese CEO, bought bachelor's degree from alleged diploma mill

Interesting. Donald V. Allen is the founder and CEO of Orphalese Global Stratagies. Orphalese Global Stratagies is the company building the Orphalese which, when completed, will be the largest residential cruise ship ever built. Although he has some impressive accomplishments since then, it appears that Allen bought his bachelor's degree from Pacific Western University, which the GAO declares to be a diploma mill. Also, although Orphalese Global Stratagies is managing the development of the Orphalese, no mention is made of that fact on their website (that I could find).

It would be very interesting to compare the subsequent salaries of people who earn their degrees from places like PWU with those who earn degrees from accredited universities.

11:16 am - I *heart* Dinosaur Comics!

I have the enthusiasm of an amateur and the body of a tyrannosauroid!

01:07 pm - You put the "fine" in finance

Ryan North is even more awesome than I initially suspected.

4) What was the deal behind sending out crank e-mails to various municipalities in Canada? It seems to me, having worked in government offices, that the people least likely to have any sense of humour, besides most cops, tend to be bureaucrats. Or was that the point: to expose how lamely bureaucratic these folks could be?

Oh man. Well, the thing you need to understand about that was we sent those e-mails out in high school, which was - wow, about seven years ago. My friends Pat and Eric and I would get bored, look up municipal e-mail addresses, and e-mail these strangers asking them questions. I remember I told the local Minister of Finance that she put the “fine” in “finance”. I was in high school! I didn’t even know what she looked like, but yeah, I still feel pretty confident in saying that she probably did put the “fine” in “finance”.

Anyway, the police came to my door shortly afterwards and asked me to stop. Some people found it threatening, which was odd, because all we did was send unsolicited e-mails that complimented people. I remember there was one guy working for Kanata (a former suburb of Ottawa, now part of said city officially) who wrote us back three or four times, playing along. His title was “Fleet Commander” and we were asking for his help defending the Colonies against the Hated British. He promised whatever ships he could provide.

High school was good times! AND THE INTERNET NEVER FORGETS.

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