November 23rd, 2006


Packweight -- kettlebell alternative


"The new Pack Weight represents the most versatile, mobile free-weight available.

# Versatility: Choose the weight you want to lift. The Pack Weight can hold from 1 pound to 150 pounds.

# Mobility: “Train on the go” is trouble-free. The Pack Weight’s compact and light-weight design make it transportable to any remote location. But don’t let its design fool you. The Pack Weight’s heavy-duty construction offers long-lasting, dependable use.

# And it’s easy: Simply fill the Pack Weight, close and use.

# Plus it’s safer: If you drop the Pack Weight indoors, it won’t dent your floors like metal weights can.

# Finally, there’s affordability: The Pack Weight costs less than popular kettlebells."

Torque’s Optimum Pull-Up System

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"TOPS – Torque’s Optimum Pull-Up System

Torque Athletic would like to introduce to you the solution of bringing a “real gym” pull-up system into your home with the T.O.P.S series. Weighing in at 20 lbs and constructed from 11 gauge, 1 ½ inch diameter steel Torque’s Optimum Pull-up System can be quickly and easily mounted to any doorway measuring from 26 inches to 36 inches in a matter of seconds and removed just as fast, there is no hardware required.

If you haven’t noticed already you will soon learn that there are a number of other companies that offer doorway pull-up systems but they are mass produced using thin gauge metal and in sections requiring hardware and assembly. When you order a T.O.P.S you will quickly see that the joints are all Mig welded creating one solid pull-up bar system which will insure stability, strength and a lifetime of usage, to put it bluntly you cannot find anything out there that compares with the strength of our unit on the market today.

The total width of the pull up bar measures 50.5 inches and 8 inches of each end of the bar is set at 26 degree angles allowing for a comfortable true wide grip pull up. The T.O.P.S doorway system allows for wide or narrow grip, under or overhand and is strong enough to use Torque’s Olympic rings, Hardball/Softball grips to be used directly on the bar so dips and push ups can be done as well."


Ultimate Sandbag

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"...This is a cool trend. I first experimented with sandbag training seven years ago. It was fun and effective, but a pain in the ass with the leaky and broken bags. Also, most of the old surplus bags I used would take all the skin off your hands and leave you a bloody mess after a training session. So I was glad to hear that performance coach Josh Henkin was creating a new type of specialty training bag: the Ultimate Sandbag.

The medium bag I received for testing holds up to 120 pounds of sand. It's made of a tough but "fine" canvas. That means it's strong but won't sandpaper your knuckles down to bloody stubs. It's also covered with various handles and holds, which really increases the versatility of the bag. Finally, the zippers are covered to protect them and keep sand from leaking out. ..."


Tactical pullup bar

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"T.A.P.S. has been designed for the serious field athlete who has grown tired of the ordinary indoor gym workouts. This equipment offers:

* Quick and easy height adjustments for every member of your team

* Flexibility to train indoors or outdoors on virtually any level surface…parking lots, patios, beaches, back yards, drive ways, garages, side walks, basketball courts, classrooms, etc.

* Safe, solid platform that gives the athlete added confidence necessary when performing weighted pull-ups

* Thick bar to maximize your grip strength and decrease unnecessary elbow stress

* Unique Multi-level workouts that will catapult your conditioning to a whole new level

* Innovative kettlebell combinations for extreme stamina and cardio conditioning"


Sandbag Filler Bags

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"One problem that has definately kept people away from sandbag training has been the issue of loading and changing weights conveniently with sandbags. This often leads to a giant mess or a very time consuming effort. A problem no more!

I happy to announce that we are beginning a preorder special to our filler bags. These bags are sealed tight, but easy to adjust. You can even use them for some training themselves, that is how sturdy they are!

They come in three sizes: 50 pound filler bag, 20 pound filler bag, and 10 pound filler bag. The 50 pound bag is recommended for most that want to have a base weight for all their exercises. 20 pound filler bags are a nice base for young people and beginning women. The 10 pound filler bag is for those that want that little extra edge. "


Practice Mat

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"Norbert's 8" & 12" practice mats feature smooth solid material on top and bottom surfaces with breather mesh sidewalls to permit controlled air venting on impact. (Breather top with solid material sidewalls and bottom available at no extra charge.) Filler material varies according to type of mat. All are available in your choice of cover colors: Royal blue, red, green, light blue or black."




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"Weighted workout vests are a popular training tool for pro and college sports teams, but they can benefit a variety of people who want to enhance their workouts and training. The idea is as simple as a baseball player swinging a weighted bat in the on-deck circle: If you condition your body to exercise with an added load, you gain enhanced endurance, quickness and speed when the weight is removed. Some say weighting the core of the body is safer to your joints and back than ankle or wrist weights. Best of all, you can benefit from using a weighted vest in such activities as running, riding, weightlifting and gardening." The Xvest can be used by anyone of any skill levels and all body types. It is the most versatile sports training and fitness tool on the market today. The Xvest is adjustable with individual cylindrical weights from 1 lb to 84 lbs. It is much safer and more effective than ankle weights, wrist weights, weight belt and backpack. Use it for your aerobic conditioning, strength training, weight loss, sports specific training, fitness, wellness or just around the house, the usages are limitless.