November 22nd, 2006


Freezing eggs to delay infertility

"At present, the efficacy of oocyte cryopreservation is quite low, but is improving. Borini et al (2004) recently reported on their outcomes with 68 patients having cryopreserved 772 oocytes. 737 oocytes were thawed and 37% survived the thaw, with 124 fertilizing (45.4 %) and 13 children born. All were healthy with normal karyotypes. Boldt et al (5) reported on 2 series of patients, with and without sodium in the medium. The sodium rich media was used in 7 patients with 60 frozen oocytes. Only 12% of the oocytes survived the thaw and none conceived. Sodium depleted media was used with the next 16 patients that cryopreserved 90 oocytes. 74% of oocytes survived the thaw and 59 oocytes fertilized. There were 4 pregnancies from these 16 patients. There appears to be no increase in the rate of chromosome abnormalities in the fertilized oocytes (Cobo et al, 2001), though the yield of oocytes and ultimately embryos to transfer is quite low and seen with the reports by Borini et al (4) and Boldt et al (5). It is reassuring that the children conceived appear to be normal and had normal karyotypes. Winslow et al (7) reported on16 healthy babies born from 33 patients with 324 oocytes cryopreserved. One of the 16 had a ventricular septal defect, and the rest were normal. Porcu et al (8) reported on 13 children born from oocyte cryopreservation which were health as well. Oocyte cryopreservation with conventional cryopreservation protocols, even with modifications, seems to ultimately have lower pregnancy rates than FET or fresh IVF. Vitrification has been used in a small series of patients with good success. Yoon et al (9) had 7 patients with 217 eggs retrieved (29.7 +/- 5.8 eggs per patient, which seems like quite a lot!) where none conceived on their fresh cycle and had 90 oocytes left over for vitrification. 32 embryos were obtained from these vitrified oocytes and 3 of the 7 patients conceived. Possibly vitrification will be a better method and hopefully these results can be repeated by others."

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Grow your own baby!,,2-1755908,00.html

The Times August 30, 2005

From foetus to full term - without a mother's touch
By Ainsley Newson

ARTIFICIAL wombs, to bring a foetus of a human being to full term outside a woman’s body, could become a reality within 20 years, scientists have predicted.

This could present great advantages in the case of very premature babies, which could be nurtured to full pregnancy term in artificial wombs, thereby reducing the risk of long-term developmental problems.

Such technology might also appeal to those who cannot have children naturally, such as women with a damaged uterus or no uterus at all, or to gay couples. The need for surrogate mothers could disappear.

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Woman gives birth to own grandchild


Woman gives birth to own grandchild

The Yomiuri Shimbun

TOKYO -- A woman in her 50s gave birth last year to a child using an egg from her daughter and sperm from the daughter's husband, the maternity clinic director who supervised the procedure announced Saturday.

This is the first time in Japan that a woman has acted as a surrogate mother for her daughter.

The woman did so since her daughter, who is in her 30s, had her womb removed and is unable to conceive children, said Yahiro Netsu, director of the Suwa Maternity Clinic in Shimosuwamachi.

Kazumasa Hoshino, professor emeritus of life ethics at Kyoto University, said four cases of surrogate births in which grandmothers acted as surrogate mothers had been reported overseas -- two each in Britain and the United States -- since the 1990s.

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Pelican case for 24" iMac?

Can anyone recommend a Pelican case (or similar hard shell case suitable for airline shipping) for a 24" iMac?

The dimensions of the 24 in. iMac are:

Height: 20.6 inches (52.3 cm)
Width: 22.6 inches (57.4 cm)
Depth: 8.1 inches (20.7 cm)

Tenba makes a shipper for the 20 inch iMac, but not for the 24 inch.

The Pelican 1640 seems like the best choice:

Anyone have personal experience shipping a 24" iMac?


UPDATE: This looks good for a G5 + 30 in Cinema Display

Lojack for Laptops

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