November 14th, 2006


Muscular Girl FAQ

Rant - Muscular Girl FAQs
Date: 2006-10-15, 1:05PM PDT

I’m not the ranting type and I doubt I have half enough rage to make this a good one. But, I’ve still got to get it out of my system.

Okay, here’s the deal: I lift weights. Some people collect stamps, some people play soccer, I lift weights. And, I’ve got a muscular physique as a result. I’m not huge, probably because I'm just not designed to get body-builder big. Here are the answers to the FAQs so you won’t have to wonder about the rest:

1) Yes, I was born a female. Did you just win $5 from a friend who bet you that you weren’t enough of a jerk to ask me that?

2) No, I’m not on steroids. I lift weights and eat right. Look, do a few hours of Madden 2004 and a few bonghits get you a few steps closer to the Madden Bowl? Of course it does. Likewise, what I did with my two hours has made my delts show. By the way, nothing wrong with a nice BH of something decent. I'm into lifting, not nunnery.

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