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September 18th, 2006 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Sep. 18th, 2006

09:07 am - A Conservative Case for Immortality


It is easy to critique such caution and argue it has led to excessive stability -- but this would not be at root a conservative critique, for it is hard for a conservative to inveigh against peace, prosperity and stability. One glance at life in Africa or the Mideast -- turbulent, youthful, and short-lived - suggests that these characteristics are all interrelated and that the omnipresence of death has hardly made these places better in any conservative sense. Indeed, shortness of life has not made Somalia or Afghanistan more culturally productive, nor given their inhabitants a more meaningful existence.

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10:35 am - LCD display

Dear Lazyweb,

I'm looking for in-vehicle, VESA-compliant passenger side mount for an LCD display. (Like those you see in cop cars.) Ideally, it would be able to handle an LCD up to 30" Any recommendations? Disrecommendations?



11:56 am - Weird Al - White And Nerdy

Via theferrett.

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